Saturday, July 3, 2010

So long...

So,I know I've said it before, but this is it.

I'm wrapping up KT's Sassy Blog.
Other than random-ness, so much of this blog has been about my marriage.
Which is almost over, and is really a new beginning for all of us.
Which means there is a new chapter in my life to share, for anyone who wants to come along for the ride.
And a new blog.
(Because I'm not really giving up blogging, again, I'm just starting the new chapter!)
And if you follow, and be patient, I will link to all of the awesome blogs I follow and share things that amuse me, or things I'm thinking about.
And hope for the same support, friendship and amazingness I've been fortunate to receive from so many people over the years. I can not even tell you how many times people have been kind enough to tell me they read anything I write, let alone enjoy it. It means the world to me.
If you do come visit me at my new place, and have followed me here, you will appreciate my new blog
Because honestly, I am so looking forward to what happens from here on out!
Ciao for now-
Still Sassy Katie

Monday, June 21, 2010

Weekend wrap up...

My weekends don't always contain too much excitement, but this one was an exception to the rule...

Friday night- All about the Wii. Tessa, her friend Jennifer, Caroline and myself played Just Dance and had a BALL.
Saturday... Saturday gets a little more descriptive. For the last few weeks my garbage disposal had been broken. Not too big of a deal, just pick up the new disposal and call the best repair man ever, Mike D'angelo. Sure Katie, I'll be over Saturday, just pick up the new disposal and have it ready.
So... a matter of minutes into Mike's visit he says "Katie, do you know what this is?" Sure I do! It is the wrought iron top to my paper towel dispenser. It has been missing for, oh say a few weeks.
Well, after that, I gave Caroline a shower after which she wrapped a round brush around her hair over and over, which led to my having to cut a portion of the hair out.
But after all that, I got to get on the road and head home for the night to Indiana to meet up with old friends. Our friend Steve was in the US, and lives in Shanghai currently so it was VERY nice to see him.
Sunday was nice and low key. Just the way I like it...
Now bring on the new week!
And as always, if you need a good contractor in the Columbus area call Mike D'angelo.

Monday, June 14, 2010

When your life's Garmin isn't working...

I was talking to a friend recently and we were lamenting the fact that neither one of us feels like we should pay annually to update our Garmin's. It seems like we paid so much for them, and neither one of us wants to continue to pay the cost.

Sometimes, life feels like that.
Before Garmin how did things get done? Before Mapquest? You figured it out or asked someone else right? Maybe even read a map? (Which, I still don't know how to do, but I've made it this far...)
Well, in yet another installment of "This old house" I called a contractor to help me remove the old grab bar from my shower and get rid of the rust which ran down from under the grab bar.
$1,500 was the quote.
Single mom says what?
#1- Not in the budget
#2- What part of me appears to be stupid?
#3- I can do this. Um, I've seen commercials for CLR! Myself!
Ever since I got the phone call with the estimate on Friday I was stressed out about this. $1,500. That is A LOT of money. For one tub renovation? And not even a great one? No way. But at the same time, every day I dread getting into a shower with rust build up running down it. And this is a company I have used before and charged me MUCH LESS for the same work. So I was pretty shocked to get that quote. Had I been anticipating anything close to that I would have never wasted their time...
No. By Sunday after much brewing (albeit in a rusty shower) I was pretty fed up. And while I'm not quite ready to call myself "Katie the shower repair lady" I did make a trip to Home Depot and purchased my own CLR, clear caulk and appliance repair touch up paint. And some lawn bags. I spent under $20.00 and fixed my own problem.
Which leads me to feeling like Caroline, Tessa and myself deserve a Wii.
Which I never ever would have believed was SO FUN before Saturday night...
Which is another story all in it's own. For another time.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Why Talbot's can be hot too...

Really. Here is the pre-conceived idea of what I am up against, as are many of us (I know I was not the only person born in 1971) who

1) Do not want to look like idiots
2) Honestly know that we've still got it, we just don't feel the need to advertise it
3) Revert back to #1
Now, I'm not saying all twin-sets need to come from Talbots. Target and Old Navy sell perfectly cute twin-sets too. A cute twin-set, or even a cardigan and t-shirt are cute, and can be hot in their own way. As far as I'm concerned, the look comes down to how you feel about yourself on the inside, not how much skin you are showing on the outside. If I can show enough of my personality and attitude to feel hot on my own does it really matter if I'm wearing a twin-set? Really. Have you ever seen me in a twin-set and peep toe pumps? I have. I feel pretty confident.
So, to the person who referred to me as a Stepford wife, and girls they perceive to be "like" me, let me clearly state this:
Do not under-estimate girls in twin-sets. You never know what lies beneath the twin-set, either inside or out. Also, you never know about our "twins", nor should you attempt to guess. It just makes you look like:
#1) An idiot (See my own #1, the person I do not want to be)
#2) A person who spends more time and frustration thinking about "girls like us" than we are spending thinking about you.
#3) See #1

Lastly, I am about to be an ex-wife. Please do not refer to me as a Stepford wife. Unless you have a role for me making whatever Nicole Kidman made.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Things I am have and have not been...

I have been loved, I have fallen out of love, and had love taken away.
I have been blond, brunette, and a few versions of red, not always intentionally.
I have been skinny, over-weight and everything in between. All within a year!
I have been an over-achiever, and have fallen short of my own goals and expectations.
I have succeeded, I have failed.
Long hair, short hair, curly hair and straight. Some days, frizzy.
Girly-girl, tomboy.
Frugal, fool hardy.
Honest and dishonest.
Well intentioned yet hurtful.
I have been right, I have been wrong. I have been stubborn, I have given in.
Ball cap wearer to fancy Derby hats. On the rare occasion a snow cap.
A traveller, a home-body.
Since 1992, one thing has remained consistent. My love for my sweet daughter Tessa, who as of Saturday night is a high school graduate. Congratulations to my girl. Enjoy all of the challenges and fun times ahead of you.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Full metal... purse?

So. You know how sometimes life is a little hectic and MAYBE your purse has turned into an area that is quite possibly bad news.
As in:
Hell if I know what's in there. I've just been tossing stuff in there for weeks and not bothered to look around. I know there are no children (of mine) in there, because I have seen both of mine in the last 24 hours and I have to admit that while I do know there was food in there I did remove it the other day. (String cheese. Sorry)
So. You know, the wouldn't sell you such a big handbag if they didn't want you to UTILIZE all of that space. Right? And I'm SORRY if maybe I don't keep my bag very organized.
Well. I got to the courthouse last night (I'd say it was a long story, but it's not and not worth going over) and forgot that you have to go through a metal detector, as does your purse. WTF.
In the list of things I was mentally prepared for THAT was not one of them. You know how sometimes you have your own secret areas of shame? My bag is one of mine. (As is my car. But anyone who knows me knows that.)
This is no joke, but I was at a party once and won a door prize for having the most random contents in my bag. If you need it, there is a good chance I have it.
So. Back to the issue at hand(bag). My bag. It goes through the metal detector and gets stopped and they show the contents to me on the screen and ask me what's in there? Hell if I know. What ISN'T in there? They asked me if I had mace. No. They asked me what it was. Possibly a hair product? I wasn't being a smart alec, just honest. Really. You people think I know what is in that bag? All I know is it must have looked REALLY bad on the screen because they sure weren't about to stick their hands in there and start rooting around.
After all that, of course I HAD to know what the freak they saw on the screen that caused such concern, yet not enough to reach in and check.
1) $14 in LOOSE CHANGE! I'm rich!
2) A drawer pull from a cabinet I bought at World Market. Awesome store, hated the hardware.
3) Spare parts for my eyelash curler. Shu Uemura rocks. For those of you who are lovely you know what I mean.
4) A spoon. Mine? Brian's? Guess I need to figure that out.
5) Jewelry. But not the good stuff. No. My two Wendy Brandes necklaces are safe and sound.
6) Lot's of random other stuff.
Anyway. I'm offically changing bags. To something smaller. Geesh.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

What's a newly single girl to do?

Besides LOVE IT!
So, let me give you a run down of my first real Friday night alone (Brian's first "real" weekend being in "charge.")
What I'm so happy and thankful about is that people are not "pushing" me to do things. My friends have been very respectful of the fact that right now, I value my privacy and quiet time. I really just want to be with my girls, and get the new house to the point where it feels like home for us.
So. Back to Friday night. I was feeling a little excited and was planning on having a friend come over for a bit. Until I got home and discovered Quincy had FLEAS. And not a few. More like QUITE A FEW. Again, this is what I get for buying a house with three dogs, a cat and an overgrown never been weeded yard that resembled Wild Freaking Kingdom out there.
Fleas. Do you KNOW how hard I have worked on cleaning the new house? Having the hardwood floors re-done? Replacing ruined carpet? Taking money out of my retirement account to furnish it?
So. Back to Friday night. By 9 p.m. I am naked (whatever, freaks) in my bathroom giving my dog a flea bath. Did you even know how expensive flea shampoo is? I was so upset I bathed the poor guy twice in addition to having made an appointment for the morning for a flea bath at the vet.
By 9:30 I am in bed reading. No TV. Quietly.
I swear, I woke up smiling, fleas and all.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Question of the day...

If you have a sign in front of your business that states parking is limited to five minutes doesn't that imply that you can get your customers in and out in five minutes?

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

So... here she is...

The replacement for the Volvo. I actually got her a few months ago, but have had so many things going on and so much of my life has been up in the air that I neglected to mention her.

I swore, I absolutely (and literally some days) swore that I would drive the Volvo to the bitter end. Well, let me tell you. It was bitterly cold, the Volvo had no heat and I was driving with two pair of gloves and rubber boots to stay warm. I snapped at that point. I pulled the Volvo up in front of the house, called Brian and said "I'm done."

Enter the best car salesman in THE WORLD, Melvin Giles at Germain Lexus of Easton. I called Melvin and let him know that I did not have the patience to look at a bunch of cars, did not want to listen to the sales talk and only wanted to see one car which I had found on their website. And let me tell you, when we got there, Melvin had the car waiting at the curb. I fell in love instantly. All of the practice we had done with Caroline in the car chanting "Melvin, we are not buying a car tonight" went straight out the window when Caroline saw the car and said "That car is sweet. We're buying it." Well, buy it we did. Brian refers to it as part of my severance package.

I call her "Black Beauty"

Monday, May 24, 2010

Pardon the dust...

Well, I made the blog private for a few weeks while I got a few things in my life settled. Such as:

1) Moving
2) Ending my marriage

So many people have been very kind in emailing me or contacting me via facebook to check on me and it has been much appreciated. For those of you who have expressed concern, I promise you I am fine. In my own words, I summed it up to myself like this- I never realized how unhappy I was until I was finally close to happiness. The fact is that Brian and I discussed ending our marriage for years. And while I know there is a curiosity that people have when a marriage ends the simple fact for us is that being married to each other just wasn't working.

Later this week when I find my camera cord I will post some pictures of the new house. It is everything I could have hoped for. It has a porch which is something I have wanted for years! Caroline, Tessa and myself will be fine. Except for the fact that Tessa is leaving. This is her last week of school.

So along with all of these changes in my life comes a slightly altered cast of characters in my blog and my life. My dog Quincy will now be taking over for Brian as the role of the man in my life and remember all of the stories about my Volvo? Well, the Volvo is gone! With no husband and no Volvo to blog about whatever will I do???

Tune in tomorrow and I will share the details on the Volvo's replacement and fate...
Till then,
Sassy (and now single) KT

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Moving sale....

OK, not a sale. Moving freebies. The following books are 48 hours away from a one way trip to anyone who wants them or to Half Price Books. And as goofy as it sounds, I'd prefer for them to go to people in my own little blogging world versus complete strangers.

So, if anyone would like for me to mail them any of the following books, send me an email with your information and on Monday your book will be at the post office. Any books left go to Half Price Books.
The Wife's Tale by Lori Lansens
blame by michelle huneven (I loved this book)
Poor Little Bitch Girl by Jackie Collins
Home Safe by Elizabeth Berg
Big Girl by Danielle Steel
falling apart in one piece by stacy morrison
Sizzle by Julie Garwood
Making Toast by Roger Rosenblatt
The Hole We're In by Gabrielle Zevin
Never Tell Our Business To Strangers by Jennifer Mascia (Loved it)
Love in Mid Air by Kim Wright
rush home road by Lori Lansens
Perfection by Julie Metz (Loved this one too!)
Towelhead by Alicia Erian- (Awesome read!)
House Rules by Jodi Piccoult
Normally I would link all of the books to Barnes and Noble so people could read a synopsis, but I don't know how to do that on our new computer!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

It's hump day. Again...

Before I talk about last weekend, let me address hump day and a fond memory.

I referred to Wednesday as "hump day" once and my dear, darling friend Jordan had never heard of "hump day" and I think she thought I was being naughty. Well, once again it is hump day and I swear, I'm just catching up from the weekend.
So.... here's the weekend wrap up and really, I'm not even embellishing. Not a bit.
Friday, the day before Tessa's senior prom: Tessa had driver's ed and had not even had a chance to try on her prom dress as we had to have it shipped to our house and she had been at driver's ed every night during the week. As soon as the dress got here, I took it straight to the dry cleaners to be pressed for pick up. Which leads us to...
Saturday morning. 11:15 a.m. I get home from the dry cleaners with Tessa's dress, still in the plastic dry cleaner bag, her boutonniere for her date and a few other items that she needed. Tessa takes the dress to her room and within seconds I hear a panicked "mom." I'm not kidding you, the poor kid was about to bawl. The tag hanging from the dress said size 6. The label sewn into the dress said size 14. We ordered a size 2. She tried the dress on, and it was HANGING off of her. It was a size 14, not a six like the tag said, not a 2 like we ordered. Her date was coming at 5:00, she had a hair appointment at 1:00, and I don't know how to sew, let alone re-build an entire prom dress.
I have no idea what special powers of calm took over me, but I said to Tessa and Caroline "Get your shoes on." Poor, poor Tessa kept saying "What am I going to do mom?" I knew if I let Tessa panic the day would be ruined.
In my life I will never know how we pulled it off, but we drove a half an hour across town, purchased a prom dress that fit (with a few safety pins) a half an hour home, got gas (when we pulled into the gas station the tank said 0 miles to go) and got Tessa to her hair appointment on time at 1:00 with a few minutes to spare. Caroline was a complete trooper about racing around with us and getting in and out of the store in a matter of minutes. Tessa, God love her kept it together for me and we were laughing by the end of it.
She could not have looked more beautiful.
Sunday was Cake Boss and date night for Caroline and I. Tessa was invited, but apparently has a cooler life than hanging out at Cake Boss appearances. (Tessa, if you are lucky maybe I will leave you the cake plate he signed for us. ) The icing on the cake if you will was when Caroline and I left the parking garage after the Cake Boss appearance and the automated meter at the exit spit out $21.00 in quarters in change for the $20.00 bill I put in for the parking fee. I gave the money to Tessa. She'll need it for college.
*And I'd like to thank Macy's for the not-in-any-way-shape-or-form good experience of getting a dress for Tessa's prom. They really, really seemed to (not) care when I took the dress into the store and showed it to them with the tags and label reading two different sizes which were not even close to one another. Thanks. And to the following people, with true sincerity, Thank you for making Tessa's prom awesome.
*Chapel Hill florist in Grandview- The boutonniere was GORGEOUS. Tessa was thrilled. Thank you.
*Barbie at Nurtur- You could not have done a better job of making Tessa's hair look exactly how she hoped it would. Again, Thank you.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Finally. We meet.

Last year, I blogged about my not so secret crush on Buddy, the Cake Boss. Man, I just adore that guy, as does Caroline.

A few weeks ago I found out from my friend Sara that he is coming to Columbus. Tonight. TONIGHT. I called my friend Ryan, the best ticket broker EVER to get tickets. And since Ryan doesn't do anything unless it is in top-notch style, he got us FRONT ROW seats.

Ugh. It is only a matter of hours until Caroline and I are in our own little happy zone... Or as Caroline said "I am freaking out Mom."

Friday, April 23, 2010

More good-byes...

I'm sure I'm not alone in this, but dividing up friendships during a break up is hard. In any relationship I have ever been in I have had the chance to meet fabulous people and have been lucky enough to maintain some of those friendships over the years. My relationship with Brian has been no different. Through Brian I have had the chance to meet some AMAZING people, and consider myself lucky to have done so. And with me, any person who is as kind to my kids as they are to me is TOP NOTCH in my book.
In the case of Brian's friend Scott and his wife Sara I could not say enough kind things. From early on in our relationship Scott, Sara and their family have been nothing but great to us. Those kindnesses will never be forgotten. For anyone who has followed my blog, one of Scott's early starring roles in my life was when he was willing to come dressed as the stork for a baby shower I hosted. Not many friends would have driven a half hour across town to do that for someone, and when Barack Obama spoke at Tessa's school, Sara drove to come get Caroline for me so I could be there with Tessa at the event. Both Scott and Sara's parents have always been kind to our family, as well as having hosted us on vacations. Again, their true kindness will always be remembered. And in the case of Scott's amazingly funny step-father Chuck, one of the best story tellers of all time will always be remembered. A gift for making a good story even better is always appreciated!
Well, in addition to my moving, Scott and Sara are moving. For their family, this is a new opportunity and I am excited for them. And while both of our families may be changing in certain ways, I feel confident that our friendships will not.
Thank you Scott and Sara for your friendship, and to your families as well.
And if this friendship comes down to taking custody of anyone, I get Chuck.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What about Bob?

Well, I have to say our neighbor Bob loves our little family. I'm guessing not nearly as much as we love him, but love is love, right? When it comes to great next door neighbors I swear we hit the jackpot. Athanasia on one side, Bob on the other. I'm guessing Bob is 90 now, and still likes to clean out our gutters and repair things he notices need done. He always stops to talk to Caroline and loves to pet Quincy through the fence. Whenever we have him over for dinner he is a fabulous dinner guest, and just a true pleasure to know. So. The question is which one of us tells Bob that Caroline and I are moving and Tessa is leaving for college? The funny thing is that neither Brian nor myself wants to tell him. I offered to write a letter or email him. I have a feeling that is tacky and not appropriate. Ugh. Saying goodbye is WAY worse than packing.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Some things can't be bubble wrapped...

As I was packing tonight I looked out my window and saw my dear friend and next door neighbors house and had to close my blinds. I can not pack and look at her house at the same time. This is a woman who has been on vacations with me, babysat for me and someone I see every day. I have known her through two of her three pregnancies and can smell her cooking dinner from my house at the end of each day. She watched Caroline for me from the time Caroline was six weeks old, and had it not been for her I could have never left Caroline with anyone else and gone back to work. She is my friend, my neighbor and she has been a lifesaver and inspiration to me on many occasions. I realized as I looked at my packing boxes that I am only packing up my physical belongings. My memories are in my heart, and it does not matter where I live.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My future Hoosier...

After much debate (on both the part of mother AND daughter) the decision has been made.
Tessa is headed in the direction of Indiana greatness. I can honestly say that the other morning when Tessa sent me a text message telling me she had made her decision I was stunned. I could not imagine that she had gone to bed, been driven to school and then made up her mind. I was wrong.
When I asked her what prompted her to decide, she told me that she woke up and felt confident that this was the right choice.
My heart broke a little, but I'm excited for her. So much for my secret dream of her staying at home and going to school online from our living room or something where I could see her every day.
If I knew how to make a heart on a keyboard I could tell her I heart her.
Congrats my future Hoosier. Welcome to the legacy of great people who have chosen the state of Indiana. And while I know I lost my cool on a few of the college visits I wouldn't trade them for anything. Thank you for letting your old mom and little sister tag along for the ride.
*My favorite Hoosiers, not ranked in any order of priority or school affiliation
David Letterman, Bobby Knight, John Mellencamp, Kimberly, Sara and myself. Just for fun I found an old post from 2007 with my IU banner in the background. I've offered Tessa the banner as a peace offering for crying a little when she told me she was really leaving me.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Seven year itch...

Sometimes, I don't think we use all of our lifes best lessons when entering into a marriage. Or possibly any relationship. Why are we kinder, more polite, use better manners with strangers and co-workers? Why do we worry more about what people see on the walls outside of our homes or in our yards than what is happening inside? Why do we forget to focus on that person or the ideal that we spent so much time on in the beginning? If relationships are for grown-ups, how come sometimes when we are in one we forget to act like it?
Today is my seven year anniversary. We got married during Lent, therefore we were not allowed to have flowers in the church. We also had to get married on a Friday night and be able to be out before Stations of the Cross. We were so excited to get married that we did not let these things deter us from our common goal of marriage and hopefully starting a family. As I stood in church today surrounded by the flowers and the message of new beginnings I reflected on the day seven years ago where I was joined in hand and by heart to the person I felt was my new beginning.
Seven years. I could have run for office as well as re-election at this point. Unfortunately, I'm not being re-elected. Like a politician I am determined to smile and make the most of it. Shake hands, kiss my babies. (Even though they are not babies anymore, they will always be mine.) I won't be retired to the sunny state of California or even my home state of Indiana. But I'm OK with that. This is my life and I will make the most of it.

Thursday, April 1, 2010


I'm going to borrow one of Caroline's favorite words, "suddenly."
It kind of goes like this:
"Mom, I was standing there and suddenly the marker wrote on me."
"I suddenly was playing with my DS in bed."
Well, I've realized a few things suddenly myself.
Suddenly, I am a dog lover. Man do I love Quincy.
Suddenly, I do not like feeling railroaded and I won't feel that way any more.
Suddenly, I will not be put down by someone else who is feeling frustrated.
Suddenly, I wake up each day and make a conscious choice to be happy versus unhappy.
Suddenly, I am a size 4!
Suddenly, I realized that this week is a time of rebirth and reflecting. I like this week.

Monday, March 29, 2010

I'd like to thank the following sponsors...

Man, have I had a much needed good couple of days. I'd like to run down the list of peeps who made it happen and give them a special "shout out"
After weeks of walking around with a magazine photo of what I want my hair to look like I finally went for it. Not sure why I debated (ok, procrastinated) when I knew I was in good (outstanding) hands at Ha!r in Grandview. If you live in the Columbus area, you have got to check out the salon. What a talented, top-notch team. Thank you Jose Espitia for making me pretty!

Z Cucina. I don't think I will ever be able to adequately describe how much I enjoy eating there. I love to go on Friday before it gets busy. I can take Caroline for $5 and get a great meal for myself as well. Blue Crab Ravioli. 'Nuff said.

Cantina Laredo. Holy Smokes. Upscale Mexican at Polaris. Sunday Brunch, $10.00. INCLUDES a free mimosa or Bloody Maria (Nope, not a Bloody Mary, this one's made with tequila!) THE best salsa I've ever had in a restaurant (they even sent me home with a container) and more food than I knew what to do with. (OK, that part might be a lie.)

Toss in there a little meltdown at Banana Republic, a pet expo with Caroline and some surprise time with friends and you've got all the makings of a great weekend!

And last but not least. It was my one week anniversary with Quincy. I heart that little nugget.

Friday, March 19, 2010

This morning...

I woke up knowing today was the day. I had something BRILLIANT I was going to write about. Something that would get me noticed. Something that would make a publisher or editor somewhere sit upright, snap their fingers and summon an assistant. SOMEONE find this brilliant girl and get her on the horn pronto. I knew what I had to write today was sheer genius.
Only as the day went on I forgot.
Somewhere in the process of loving my kids, enjoying the weather and living life I forgot. Which frustrated me because really, when I woke up I'm not even kidding you, whatever I had to say was great.
But over the course of the day, just being me was OK too. Maybe not brilliant, and maybe not something to make another person jump out of their seat but I will go to bed being loved. And loving.
So, while I may not have anything genius to share I will tell you this. I've come to a decision about lemons.
There are times in life when you feel like someone has handed you a lemon. And you have two choices. Either accept the lemon or ask for a straw to go with it. I'm going to start carrying a pack of sugar so I'm ready...
Who's ready for some lemonade?

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Leaping Leprechaun Catcher...

Well, I'll tell you. The Leprechaun catcher has been very handy. We have tried our hardest to catch that Leprechaun. We really have. And we've been close. But how do you catch such an elusive little guy? He's been toying with us and leaving little clues every couple of days, but so far we have not been able to catch him.
He has left us a pretty cute balloon, a flashing ring and a teddy bear. One day, there was even a reward letter on the door!
Feeling lucky, Leprechaun?

Sunday, March 14, 2010

My weekend with Chelsea Handler...

OK. Maybe only one of us was there, and it was me, but I did read Chelsea's new book this weekend.

And like her other books, I laughed out loud.


Multiple times.

And while there are many things it is good to get in multiples, laughter is definitely one of them.

I've been to see Chelsea on tour twice and she is back on tour but no Columbus stops unfortunately.

Caroline is bummed because she was really hoping for an updated photo op with Chelsea.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The fabric of our lives...

Four years ago I was steaming mad. About a polyester dress. That cost $120.00 I think.
What had me so riled up? Tessa came home shortly after high school started and needed a check for her choir dress. It seemed expensive to me, especially for something that had been mandated. And to be quite honest, the dress was ugly and polyester. I ranted and raved about how they had better plan on wearing this dress for all four years of choir. I swore up and down that she better save the dress and sell it to a freshman when she was done. I fantasized about Tessa and all of her friends using the choir dresses as bridesmaids dresses someday to save money.
Tonight was Tessa's next to last choir concert. As I sat there in the audience I was ashamed of myself. How could I have been so angry about paying for a dress I insisted needed to last four years when I didn't realize what the end of the four years would symbolize? I would gladly buy another polyester dress to have another four years with Tessa. Like so many things in life, tonight I realized it's not about the dress and it's not about the money. This is my life with my daughter. I need to cherish these times together and not get caught up in the other stuff.
Man am I going to miss that girl of mine...

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sign of the times...

Well, I guess I'm not in Kansas anymore. I was watching a friends daughter the other night and we were talking about a father/daughter dance she had been to. She was trying to explain the dance she learned and I said "Do you mean the hand jive?" After much discussion between myself, Caroline and the other little girl we decided that yes, it must have been the hand jive. Which led to my telling the girls about the movie Grease. And some blank looks. I finally had to resort to describing Grease as High School Musical before there WAS High School Musical. More blank looks. We decided to watch Grease, but the girls were SO BORED and just wanted to play. For some reason they did not buy into me trying to describe Sandy as Sharpay and Danny as Troy. Looks like I'll be doing the Hand Jive on my own.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

How to catch a Leprechaun...

When I picked up Caroline from school today she told me she wanted to catch a Leprechaun. When I asked her why, she told me it was because she wants him to show her where the pot of gold is. How could I argue with that?

Home we went to make our very own Leprechaun catcher. We made sure to lure the Leprechaun with shiny gold pennies so we will just have to wait and see what happens.

Fingers crossed...

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


How come you never really notice how much you dislike someone until you don't like them anymore?

Monday, March 1, 2010

A Minx-y Monday...

After many months of watching Wendy Brandes sport her Minx manicures I knew it was time for me to have my own. She thoughtfully provided a website where you could find someone in your own city providing this service. And I did! I opted for navy blue with little white anchors. Very spring like! Check out their link to find a salon near you!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Vegetarian Tacos with spinach, corn and goat cheese...

Let me just preface this by saying two words: Yum Mee! The pic does not do this meal justice but it is delicious. I'm a big fan of goat cheese so it was a real treat how good this turned out to be.

1 tablespoon olive oil

1 1/2 tsp chili powder

Kosher Salt and black pepper

2 cups frozen corn, thawed

5 ounces baby spinach

8 small flower tortillas, warmed

3/4 cup crumbled fresh goat cheese (3 oz)

3/4 cup store bought refrigerated salsa

*Heat the oil in a non stick skillet over medium heat. Add chili powder, 1/2 teaspoon salt, 1/4 teaspoon pepper.

*Add the corn and cook, tossing until heated, about two minutes. Add spinach and 1/4 teaspoon each of the salt and pepper and toss until spinach is wilted.

*Fill tortillas with the mixture and add goat cheese and salsa.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Dolly Parton said...

"Lot's of women buy just as many wigs and makeup things as I do.... They just don't wear them all at the same time."

Amen Dolly. This little tidbit was found in my Real Simple magazine this month. It was originally in Ms. magazine in 1979!

Happy Friday!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

I am loved. Truly loved.

I won't bore you with the details, but I was up this morning throwing up. And unfortunately not the kind of vomiting where you can be lady like about it. Oh no. This was loud and prolonged. But never fear, Caroline came to my rescue. She brought me her stuffed turtle pillow to sit on so I could be comfortable as I waited for the next bout of sickness. Love that kid.
And before anyone asks or hints around, the morning throw up is not pregnancy related.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

In the game of grown up, who wins?

Along with real life comes real responsibilities.
Cooking, cleaning, shopping, laundry, trash...
Throw kids in and there's even more.
And of course there are days where you are JUST PLAIN TIRED and don't WANT to be responsible, if even just for a few hours, or even AN hour.
But what happens when all of the grown ups aren't in sync?
So one grown up is relaxing, and the other is tidying up?
Bitter feelings are what happen to me.
So it becomes a game of he said she said.
She said: How come I'm always cleaning and you're watching TV?
He said: How come when I'm cleaning you're reading a book?
She said: How come we can't each clean a room?
He said :Because I don't want to clean right now.
A real crowd pleaser.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Conversation piece...

A while back I wrote (and retracted) a post about how I'm feeling a little under the weather, emotionally. It felt like the right thing to write at the time, but also felt like the right thing to take back. And amazingly enough in the matter of hours while it was up, several of you reached out to me. I can not even begin to express how it made me feel. People I have never met reached out to tell me I was not alone. AND checked in on me to see if I was feeling better. My friends hugged me and told me they loved me. And meant it.
The whole thing got me thinking...
Do I have a responsibility to share? Be honest about feeling this way? In the matter of hours people let me know I wasn't alone maybe I could have made someone else feel better in knowing that THEY are not alone? Why is it that so many times we sweep these personal feelings under the rug?
In this time in our lives, why is there still a perceived stigma on feeling alone? In need? In knowing you are struggling?
To those people who reached out to me, Thank You. Your kindness helped me more than you know. To anyone who needs a friend, helping hand or words of encouragement, let me know. You are not alone.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Suck it, winter...

I'm telling you, as this winter goes on I understand seasonal depression more and more. I've never been a big snow fan to begin with, so this winter I am really over it. Sadly enough, we are supposed to get hit hard again over the next week.
Caroline has been having fun watching the icicles grow and grow. Me, not so much. Today I had enough and decided it was time to take matters into my own hands and knock the icicles down, which really means that on Friday night I took my Swiffer outside and started swinging.
Part of me expected someone to call the cops on me out there in my Hunter boots knee deep in the snow swinging my Swiffer around in the air. All I need now are some cute Hunter striped socks...
Is it Spring yet???

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

40 days and 40 nights...

It's time. Lent. My annual "Give up Pepsi" for Lent sacrifice. And as previously discussed I am not a very religious person but I do make sure to give up two things for Lent each year. I always give up Pepsi and I try to choose something (a habit) to give up. Now, if you know me and spend time around me you will know that where I go, Pepsi goes. The Pepsi is never far from me, so while it may not seem like a big thing, let me tell you that the first thing I look for on Easter morning is not the Easter Bunny, it's a Pepsi.
A few years ago my second Lent sacrifice I gave up was moving Brian's keys. Again, this may not seem like a big deal but in my mind, he put his keys in the wrong spot at the end of each day and it irritated me and I would move them to what I perceived at the "right" spot. So each morning it turned into "Where did you put my keys?" and I would point at where I had put them. I had to realize that each of us had our own idea of the right spot and I gave up moving the keys and let Brian pick his own "right spot."
This year I am giving up five to ten minutes a day. The matter of minutes one of my kids asks for my attention where I say "In a minute." As in:
I will come see that funny commercial in a minute after I put this dish in the dishwasher.
I will come see what you want in a minute after I clean this counter off.
I will look at the shirt you are trying to show me in a minute after I finish what I am doing.
As in: Can you help me for a minute? Listen for a minute?
Yes, I can.
Because really, what is a minute to me is a memory to you and I can get my minute back but I can't change your memories.

Monday, February 15, 2010

The Wife's Tale...

I can not even begin to adequately state how much I enjoyed reading this book. Adored it. This book is a beautifully written story of an overweight woman and how she finds herself after her husband leaves her. I had never read any of the authors books before (Lori Lansens) but I will tell you that as soon as I finished the book I reserved copies of her others.

I am so glad that I read this and would suggest it to anyone wanting a good read.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

That's amore!

In keeping with our new found tradition, Caroline and I have our weekend slumber party. Well, Caroline wanted to decorate "our" room for Valentine's Day. I think we had different things in mind. I was thinking of cutting out some hearts and placing them on bedside tables. Caroline apparently was thinking of putting about 100 stickers on every surface she could reach, including the ceiling fan which she was able to get to by standing on the bed.

Looks like love to me...

Speaking of love, Starbucks comped me my Chai Tea Latte today and told me Happy Valentine's Day. This is the same Starbucks that made Caroline a gift bag for her birthday a few years ago. Thank You Starbucks on Lane Avenue! You ROCK!!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

College bound...

My sweet girl. Tessa. Remember a week or so ago when we were "seeing blue?"

The "last minute" college that got thrown into the mix when I was pretty sure we were down to University of Kentucky and Indiana?

St. John's in New York?

Well, can I just brag in ALL CAPS?

We got notified that Tessa was awarded a FULL TUITION SCHOLARSHIP.

I'm beyond proud. And scared. And sad. But mostly proud. OK, maybe mostly sad.

My girl is leaving me in less than seven months.

I was pretty sure I'd be turning Tessa over to blogger Ally in Kentucky for the next four years but maybe it will be blogger Wendy B. in NYC.

Is it possible to miss someone who is still here?

Anyway.... SO PROUD.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Boom Boom Pow...

So, I was on the phone with my next door neighbor when all of a sudden there was a HUGE BOOM followed by my house shaking. And really, I'm not exaggerating. My neighbor said said "What was that?" and I asked her if I could call her back and told her to stay inside as I knew she was home alone with three children. You know, because I'm so big and brawny.

Since the noise came from the back of the house I went outside to the back yard to see what the freak had happened.

Apparently the snow is so heavy and there is so much of it that our tree branches are collapsing under the weight of it. Fabulous. The reason the house shook as the branches fell? The branches fell through our phone line as they fell and yanked the line off our our house.


This isn't the first time we've had trouble with this tree. The tree is old and started falling apart in 2007. Again, no joke, no exaggerating. I know the tree needs to come down but it is one of two trees which perfectly hold our hammock. I've suggested trimming the tree limbs and leaving the trunk of the tree so we can still have the hammock but Brian thinks that is tacky. So?

Hope your "snow days" are fun ones!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

An AMAZING read...

The story of a family torn apart by domestic abuse from several different perspectives. I don't want to say too much about the story and give anything away, but this really was a great book. I've read a couple of Chris' books and they are always well written and thought provoking. If you are a reader, I would absolutely suggest adding this to your list. If anyone wants me to mail this to them let me know...

*I know I have an email from someone asking to read The Senator's Wife and I need to send it as soon as I remember who. Sara, was it you? I think it was......

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

100 days of Kindergarten...

Amazingly enough, we didn't have to do a "100 item" display. Whew. The teacher must been thinking of those of us who are still getting used to packing lunches for the 100th day, scrambling around after not going grocery shopping and trying to assemble a reasonably healthy meal that won't get children's services called on us!
Some things Caroline has learned and or experienced since she started school:
1) Boys. Caroline's teacher has requested that she stop trying to kiss them so often. Oops. That one is in the genes, sorry!
2) Caroline announced that since I am over 18, I am old enough to call and order things on the phone.
3) Caroline suspects her teacher of taking home leftover food from the kids to feed her own children, especially if it is cookies! (Not sure where she came up with this theory but it always cracks me up!)
4) As of today, Caroline asked the art lady to put together a better plan as she would like to see more crafts.
5) We ran into a teacher at Target, prompting Caroline to tell me that she is pretty sure teachers love Target the best.
6) Caroline has already picked what she wants to wear for 1st grade pictures. The problem is that it is a dress she already has, only we didn't know it was actually a nightgown. And we've been letting her wear it to school! Damn you Gymboree for making the sale racks confusing!

Now that we have Caroline's first 100 days of school over, it's time to start counting down to Tessa's graduation. Can you HEAR my heart breaking???

Monday, February 1, 2010

A higher power...

For a long time I have struggled with my thoughts on religion. I think about it a lot, read about it a fair amount but can't quite seem to wrap my hands around it. I've been to many churches and spoken to many friends about this subject but I'm just not "feeling" it. Well, this kind of bit me in the butt recently. I attended a support/self help group but didn't quite feel "tuned in" as there was a lot of talk about higher powers. And as I am struggling with that I found myself wondering if all of these people had found theirs. Or were they too muddling through for the sake of the purpose at hand? I have to admit that I didn't return for week two, as the whole "higher power" thing threw me for a loop. Am I supposed to come to terms with that first? But then, greatness struck in the form of my own Igor Jr. Who is Igor you ask? A borrowed term from my most respected blogger, La Belette Rouge. Visit her blog and all will be clear. Just don't become so enthralled with her story that you never come back to mine!
Anyway, Igor Jr. told me that my higher power can be anyone I want for it to be. My children. At that point, all was clear to me. And I felt much better. Maybe I will give self help a second try after all.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Volvo strikes again...

And this time I'm concerned. And annoyed.
Now, I am USED to the following from the Volvo:
1) Headlight with a gunshot in it
2) Center interior lights (including park, reverse and neutral) burnt out, making it hard to put the car into gear at night as I can't see.
3) Standing water in the car as the seals are bad and water leaks into the car during rain
4) No working radio
5) Spilled neon green paint in backseat of car
6) Drivers seat that is stuck in one position and will not move back and forth.
But this latest problem. Now THIS is a problem.
So I'm driving today and I hear a siren coming from behind. As a good, responsible driver I pull over. Yet when I look in my rear view mirror I see nothing. And I am now realizing the sound is more like a bullhorn coming from behind me and to the right. So I roll down my rear right hand window to see if I can tell where it is coming from. Ummm.... it appears to be coming from my own car. A bullhorn-type sound. And the sound does not stop. Until the car is in park. With the ignition turned off.

Friday, January 29, 2010

see blue...

Every time I have the television on it is like a big smack in the face of reality, and not the tv kind.
The "you're life is about to change drastically and your daughter is leaving for college in a matter of months and you thought you were ready and you're not" kind.
The University of Kentucky has a hot and heavy marketing campaign and seems to be spending a TON of money on television advertising, and they have a MAJOR "see blue" blitz going on. Blue and white are the UK colors, and they even sent us a Magic 8 ball in UK blue. with catchy little messages floating around inside.
And yes, of all of the schools Tessa is considering I do think UK is a great fit for her, but I really, really am not ready to let them (or any school) have her quite yet. Poor Tessa, I know she is sick of me trying to make her spend every possible minute with me, but I feel like I am on borrowed time with her.
Well, we are down to waiting to hear from two more schools, and one of them emailed last week to let us know that acceptance letters were being mailed today. Which leaves us with one to hear from. The last minute wrench that got thrown into the plan. St. John's University in New York. Yep. Last minute application to a school I never saw coming.
Oh boy. At least there is never a dull moment.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Might as well face it you're addicted to...your Snuggie!

OK. I am going to own up to it. I am in love with my Snuggie. So much so that I have a growing concern. What is going to happen when the weather warms up? I mean really, even I know it is not practical (or sane) to sit around in humid Ohio August weather wearing a Snuggie. So what's going to happen? Will people (I know I am not the only Snuggie devotee) just crank their air conditioners so that they can comfortably use their Snuggies? Are the makers of the Snuggie coming up with a light-weight warm weather Snuggie? Even though Tessa disagrees with me I can not be the only person thinking ahead about this and how to handle it. This is the kind of thing that could keep a girl up at night...

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Spare the rod...

And spoil the child, right? As Caroline's class is working on making their own proverbs this week this has been on my mind.
At what point are certain indulgences bad behavior on the part of the parent?
At which point is your child spoiled?
The thing is, as Tessa waits to hear about scholarships and decide about college it makes me even more lenient with Caroline.
They really go grow up SO FAST.
So what if I don't make Caroline finish EVERY BITE?
So what if I let her wear a mismatched outfit to school?
I mean really, at some point our children grow out of some of these behaviors, and at some point they don't want to be kissed and cuddled. I guess it is up to us individually to make some of these determinations.
Caroline will get to a certain age where she will eat all of her dinner, and if she doesn't she will go make herself a turkey sandwich or get a bowl of cereal.
And if she wears a mismatched outfit maybe she is just exhibiting her sense of self and not trying to be just like everyone else.
So be it.
And if I'm a little over-indulgent with my kids and trying to enjoy each and every moment so be that too.

*Caroline's proverb she made up at school: Never underestimate the power of...lava.
*Katie's proverb: All that glitters is...Mariah Carey
What's your proverb?

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Well. Doesn't it just figure. I'm in line at the grocery store checking out. And behind me in line is the guy who owns the salon where I used to get my hair colored at a cost of $80.00.
The problem with this scenario is I am buying hair color. Yep. It was me, L'Oreal Healthy Look and Tony the salon owner all in line.
And trust me, there was no comfortable way to say "So, if this doesn't work out so well I guess I'll be calling you."
Fingers crossed...
*If it doesn't work out I guess I always have my Anne Curry shades to hide behind.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

I'm like Cher coming out of retirement...

I guess that's what happens when you realize you still have a few things left you want to share in the blogging world. In a man's world, I think this would make me like Brett Favre.


So, at the end of each year we have money left over in our pre-tax spending medical account so we usually get a pair of prescription sunglasses. And this is always a BIG DEAL for me. What do I want my "look" for the year to be as I frame my face for the world to see?

I go to pick up my sunglasses and the girl at the place is FIRED UP. She says to me "Do you know these are the EXACT SAME SUNGLASSES ANN CURRY HAS?" I just looked at her. "YOU KNOW, FROM THE TODAY SHOW?"

Now, I don't have a problem with Ann Curry. I'm sure she is a nice enough person, talented and all that. But really? THIS is who I am now being compared to? I'm OK being age appropriate but damn. What's next? Cokie Roberts??? Couldn't she at least throw a little Jennifer Aniston my way?

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sometimes a long story can be a short one...

What to say when there is so much to say?
I have loved my little blog over the past few years. I really, really have.
Through blogging I have come into contact with so many amazing people. And while I don't know if I have touched your lives in any way, I can say you have touched mine.
I have constantly been amazed by the fact that people have read this blog, let alone commented or contacted me via email with words of encouragement, humor, support and shared stories.
The kindness of so many people has surprised me.
What seemed like silly blog awards to some meant a lot to me. It meant you were reading and caring. Encouraging me. Thank you.
Some of us have bonded over shopping. Recipes. Happiness and disappointments.
Some of you I have met in person. Some of you I can only hope to some day. Some of you feel like I imagine a sister might, if I had one.
And I can only thank you.
I will still follow your blogs, even as I bring mine to an end.
Thank you to those of you who have read my words and my stories. Followed my shopping tips or tried a recipe I have shared. Read a book I recommended. Followed the story of my family.
I hope I provided you with laughter and light heartedness when you needed it. The chance to laugh at some of my silly antics and maybe learn that it's OK to laugh at yourself.
From the bottom of my heart, and with much gratitude.
Thank you.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

My New Year with Kathy Griffin...

OK, maybe that is not accurate.

My first book of 2010.



Dry and witty.

Happy New Year from me and Kathy.

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