Saturday, January 2, 2010

My New Year with Kathy Griffin...

OK, maybe that is not accurate.

My first book of 2010.



Dry and witty.

Happy New Year from me and Kathy.


WendyB said...

I caught Pulp Fiction on tv last night...first time I'd seen it in ages. I'd forgotten Kathy had a tiny role in it!

Polly said...

I bet it is hilarious!

Anonymous said...

I thought she was awful on Anderson Cooper's new Years show...I forgot how she looked before. Do you remember?

The Housewife said...

I like Kathy, too. Her celeb gossip is the best! Although I'm just a teensy bit annoyed with her "mouth"'s a little too much - even for me. I actually saw her live at Mandalay about a year ago (even blogged about it). It was a great show!

Hsppy New Year! :)

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