Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Volvo strikes again...

And this time I'm concerned. And annoyed.
Now, I am USED to the following from the Volvo:
1) Headlight with a gunshot in it
2) Center interior lights (including park, reverse and neutral) burnt out, making it hard to put the car into gear at night as I can't see.
3) Standing water in the car as the seals are bad and water leaks into the car during rain
4) No working radio
5) Spilled neon green paint in backseat of car
6) Drivers seat that is stuck in one position and will not move back and forth.
But this latest problem. Now THIS is a problem.
So I'm driving today and I hear a siren coming from behind. As a good, responsible driver I pull over. Yet when I look in my rear view mirror I see nothing. And I am now realizing the sound is more like a bullhorn coming from behind me and to the right. So I roll down my rear right hand window to see if I can tell where it is coming from. Ummm.... it appears to be coming from my own car. A bullhorn-type sound. And the sound does not stop. Until the car is in park. With the ignition turned off.


jill said...

time for a new car my friend.

WendyB said...

Take this car out in back of the barn and shoot it.

Ally said...

The radio in my Honda took a big shit around Thanksgiving. It's astounding how much better of a driver I am w/out the distraction.

Also, call your BFF Al. Maybe he'll know what's wrong w/your car...

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