Thursday, January 31, 2008

My new jacket from Urban Outfitters


It's Thursday, and I just had my 3rd Burrito Bol of the week from Chipotle. I'm hooked.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

So, Jordan sent me an email where I'm supposed to blog 7 things about myself people don't know and then I'm supposed to forward the email to 7 other people to blog. Here goes:
1) I don't know 7 people with blogs 2) People always think I'm taller than what I am 3) I can't stand the smell of raw silk, it freaks me out 4) I prefer to drive versus be the passenger in a car, unless it is Brian and then I like him to drive so he can't complain about my driving 5) I love being a mom, it gives me the perfect excuse to really enjoy watching the Backyardigans or Justin Timberlake and Nick Lachey 6) I have a lot of fun making anything a big event and coming up with anything to celebrate 7) I'm dreading giving up Pepsi this year for Lent.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

White House Black Market

Awesome deal! Here is a coupon code to use at White House Black Market's website. The code for the coupon is 8027. (You will have to sign up for the website before you can use the code.)

You can take $10 off any purchase (They have small accessories $18 and under) and you get free shipping. I got earrings for $6!

*Thanks for the heads up on this one Traci!

I'm off to the gym...

I guess Brian was doing more than giving me a subtle hint when he offered me directions to the gym and purchased me personal training sessions for Christmas. After drinking 7 Pepsi's yesterday I guess it's time. Off I go. (Is it wrong to bring Starbucks to the trainer?)

Monday, January 28, 2008


Brian has me TOTALLY hooked on the Chipotle Burrito Bol. It is AWESOME! I get the vegetarian version because their meat is a little too spicy for me. I had to leave work today to go get one at lunch time.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Clifford the Big Red Dog is a FAKE! (According to Caroline)

Used Clifford as a bribe to get Caroline into bed early Friday night. Gotta be up in time for Clifford. Need to have time to take a bath before Clifford. So we're pretty excited about this deal. Go, read a few stories, a fair amount of kids turn out. Clifford arrives. Caroline announces that it is just a costume. Not a real dog. There's a person under there acting like a dog. But she was still pretty excited. I'm sure she will be a big hit around Santa and the Easter Bunny this year. Then she wanted to wait at the bottom of the escalator for Clifford to come back down just to prove it was just a costume. She really just sat down on the floor at Barnes and Noble and waited. (We wound up leaving) Then, she informed us that while Clifford may just be a person in a costume, Brutus Buckeye is real. THAT'S MY GIRL!

Great deal at Urban Outfitters! So cute!

$19.99 Was $140.00
(I'm not spending money on this, I'm SAVING money on this.)

Toilet tattoos

The most interesting thing I found in the Sunday paper was an article about toilet tattoos. If you're looking for an inexpensive way to spruce up your bathroom without being tacky check these out. (Slight sarcasm on the not being tacky part, unless you get one and I visit your home. Then they are quite lovely.) I can't believe they are only $9.95!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Clifford the Big Red Dog

Coming tomorrow for storytime (Saturday)

11 a.m.

Barnes and Noble at Easton

This is what it's come to...

Wow is my life exciting. Today I was at work thinking about all of the laundry I have to do. So I decided to come home and use vacation hours to get it done. Somehow it seemed like a better idea than feeling like all I did this weekend was laundry. Great.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Happy Belated Birthday Jeremy!

Jeremy is my friend Jordan's husband (and super cute Adalynn's dad) and he has a very bright future ahead of him after he finishes medical school at OSU. His birthday was actually yesterday. I had Brian talked into loading up the toilet from our failed New Year's Eve prank into my car so I could leave it at Jeremy and Jordan's house for his birthday. Unfortunately, due to the 9 degree weather neither Brian or myself were super motivated to lug a toilet around. But you never know where or when that thing may show up...

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Wife Swap

My friend Kathy's cousin is on Wife Swap tonight! He is a magician from Toledo. I think Brian might call and ask how to make ME disappear!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Thanks, Jordan!

Today Jordan gave me heads up on a new website where I could update my blog template. I love it! Thank you Jordan for helping me spend a few more minutes online!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Con Artist

So today Caroline asked me if I was full. I said yes. Then she asked me if she could finish my Pepsi for me since I was full. What a little scam that kid is running! Then later tonight she was kind enough to let me wipe her butt for her. (TMI, unless you are a mom) Anyway, I told her she is lucky she is so cute, because otherwise she wouldn't be able to pull off behavior like that. She told me that if I was a kid and she was my mom she would wipe my butt too!

Blogging Addiction?

Well, at least there is a very scientific way to tell if you're spending too much time blogging. The good news is that I am only 50% addicted. Whew!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

I've been kind of excited because I had decided to "spice up" my hair color a bit. I always have my hair done by the same person, but I figured since I wanted to do something a bit different I would schedule a consultation with her versus just show up and ask for something new and possibly throw off her schedule. Anyway, she called me and we talked over the phone about what I wanted since she knows my hair and she didn't want me to have to come in if I didn't need to. Then we made the appointment and I was looking forward to it. Today was the day! We had discussed that I wanted to keep my hair brown and weave in fine pieces of darker browns to give my hair some depth/definition. I'm not sure if this makes sense to anyone else, but she told me she understood what I meant. Not anything obvious. I should have worried that she was on the same page as I was. So I read my book while my hair was being done, and I enjoyed the nice shampoo/scalp massage after. Then I got to sit in the chair while an assistant did my blow dry. Now, I didn't have my glasses or contacts in but I was able to see blonde lines on my head while my hair was still wet. I asked the girl if I was seeing things right and she said "Yes, do you want me to go get her?" I told her to dry some of it so I could see better and then we would look at it. Um, I'm not sure what happened but it is absolutely not brown woven with darker shades of brown. I politely let her know it was OK to stop drying/styling my hair and that I was going to go home and call back for an appointment to correct the color as I knew it was Saturday and there was no way they had time to do corrective color properly and I didn't want to say something I impolite as I was feeling pretty upset. She agreed that it was pretty brassy and the streaks were blonde and walked me to the front. Then they were kind enough to give me my bill. They said that the appointment for corrective color would be no charge. Again, I thought I was pretty nice when I said no, I would not be paying today as I was completely not sure what happened to my hair and I would pay when I came back Tuesday and my hair was done the way it was supposed to be. I told them I wasn't trying to be difficult but I am a regular customer every month for cut/color/waxing and I was not happy with what had just happened. And then I walked out the door. Part of me thought they might send the Upper Arlington police after me for not paying. I wasn't trying to be difficult but I can't see paying $100 for the exact opposite of what you asked for. I have to say it looks like I used an eyelash comb with peroxide on the front of my head. No joke. I told Traci that it is fortunate my face is pretty enough to make up for my hair.

Friday, January 18, 2008


I've been playing Bunco with a group of girls from work and it is so much fun! I leave wanting more, more , more! So I put together a neighborhood Bunco. I'm so excited! I've made a blog for the Bunco website as well. Now I'm up to 2 blogs. This is big stuff for me!

Monday, January 14, 2008

I'm not sure I should be admitting to any of this, but I am.
1) I have a subscription to US magazine
2) I read it cover to cover
3) I found this website in the latest issue. I went to the website. I think it's got some pretty funny stuff. Some are pretty funny, and some are so, so random.
4) I've actually sent some of them.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Saw one of the best movies I've ever seen. Juno. Sara and I went this afternoon while the guys watched the kids. Whew! I can't think of enough good things to say about this movie. It was some of the best and most believable acting I've ever seen. The dialogue was very witty. If you haven't seen it, you should. The movie has won lots of awards, and it's easy to understand why after seeing the movie. Juno will make you laugh and cry. (I did plenty of both!)

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Awesome colored tights

I found this website with so many choices of colors for tights. Love it! Keep your legs warm AND look cute! This picture from their website shows one of their cute and fun colors. (Although I wear a skirt or pants with my tights)

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Price guarantee from

Traci pointed out to me that one of my favorite websites offers a 110% price guarantee on purchases. Awesome! They have a great shoe and handbag selection. There is a handbag I've been eyeing... (Unfortunately it looks a lot like one I already own, so maybe I should pick something else.) Hmmm...
110% Price Guarantee is your destination for great styles, the best prices, and fast delivery. We're working hard to make sure our prices are the best around, but if you find another site that offers a lower price within two weeks after the date we ship your order, let us know and we'll credit your original payment method for 110% of the difference. And if we lower the price on our own site within 14 days of the shipment date, we'll refund you 110% of the difference as well.

I love this stuff!

I started using this face primer before I put my makeup on. I can't believe how smooth my skins looks and how even my skin tone appears. I don't have to do any touch-up's during the day anymore- my makeup looks the same at the end of the day as it did when I left in the morning. It's expensive, but a little goes a long way and it lasts forever. Love this stuff! will ship it for free, and you get free samples too!

Monday, January 7, 2008

While I'm on the subject of OSU

And yes, I know they are down at the half. Anyway, last year I came to work one day and got a phone call from Jordan. She asked me if I anyone else had called about what appeared to be Script Ohio on the pond on the back of our property. She couldn't tell for sure but she was pretty sure that it looked like someone had been able to do Script Ohio on the pond, which was frozen and snow covered at the time. We called a few people we knew with upstairs apartments facing the right direction to see if someone cared if we came into their home to go on the balcony and see. Sure enough, Jordan was right. The "i" was even dotted! Turns out a few of our residents went out there with shovels and did it. If you click on the picture and enlarge it you can see the detail. I have to say it was AWESOME! (And unsafe so we are all on the same page here, we have no fishing, swimming or skating signs posted around the water) Also, since a few wives were willing to fess up to their husbands late night antics, Jeff and Jared, Jessica and Gretchen- You may have moved but you will always be Buckeyes! We miss you!

Go Bucks!

Tonight we had Katerina, Maria and Gywnn come over to have an impromptu dance party. We decided to play some OSU songs and have some fun. Maria who is only 2 is quite good at
O-H-I-O. I was pretty impressed. Caroline was not impressed. She was really, really worried that Brutus Buckeye was going to come over again and as you may know, she does not like it when Brutus comes over. I let her know that it is not possible for Brutus to come over, because he is at the game in New Orleans with Brian. Anyway, it has become a big thing at bedtime to come up with any and all reasons to stay awake and talk about things, life, whatever. So tonight I got called into Caroline's room so she could let me know that she is not scared of Brutus anymore. I was pretty interested in the change of heart so I asked her what changed her mind. She told me "Well, he's a nice guy." So there you go. Also, she wants me to call him tomorrow to tell him.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Poor Brook. About a month ago she was diagnosed with liver cancer. The cancer is the bad news obviously but the good news is that they were able to operate and remove the tumor. (After the success of the surgery we were finally able to joke around and say "It WAS a tumor" in our best Arnold Schwarzenegger voices.) Anyway, she has had this lampshade on her head for a few weeks now. Thankfully the lampshade comes off on Tuesday.

I think Caroline is taking the sleep mask thing pretty seriously. She has worn it all day. She wore it to our neighbors house this afternoon and told them it is in case her eye hurts. Then tonight I was longing for a Pepsi and went to the gas station to get one. Caroline wore her rubber rain boots, her OSU cheerleading outfit and her sleep mask. This man walked in and just started laughing at her. She made quite a few friends in there tonight.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Another great purchase from the Target $1 section

Pink leopard print sleep mask for Caroline. (Don't worry, I took it off as soon as she fell asleep.)

Oops he did it again!

LUBBOCK, Texas (AP) -- In his 899th win, Bob Knight was as feisty as ever.
With about 7 1/2 minutes remaining in the first half of Texas Tech's 75-68 win over UTEP on Saturday, Knight lost his right shoe when he kicked the front of the scorer's table.
The coach was upset about a charging call against Esmir Rizvic. Shortly after replacing his shoe, he strode the length of table during a timeout and apparently told a Big 12 and NCAA official seated there to keep an eye on the officiating.
Less than a minute later, he got a technical for arguing with officials about a call on Charlie Burgess on Randy Culpepper's breakaway attempt.
While Stefon Jackson and Culpepper made free throws, Knight continued to stand and talk to the referee as his son, head coach designate Pat Knight, tried to encourage his father to return to the bench.
After the game, Knight used a more playful approach with another of his longtime nemeses, the media.
Knight lifted 21-month-old grandson Will Knight up onto the table and faced the standing toddler toward the media. Knight then brought him back into his lap and addressed him.
"You see, they ask a question and you don't answer it, and they ask another and you don't answer it, either," Knight said at the end of his postgame comments. "You're going to be a good coach. Yes, sir."

Our new year so far

I'm sure almost everyone has heard (and is tired of) this story, but a couple of years ago on New Years Eve Brian and I put a toilet in our neighbors (Marty and Lisa) yard. We had a water leak and our toilet cracked and we had to get a new one, so we had an old toilet in the garage. It was pretty funny, and we had a lot of fun with it. Brian was laughing so hard that he dropped the toilet in our yard on the way over to their place. So this year I thought it would be pretty funny to put another toilet in their yard. We had an old toilet at work, so I had it loaded up into my Volvo and drove around with it for a couple of days just waiting for New Years Eve. After midnight we took the toilet to their yard. Turns out Marty must have been waiting for us to do something because he was standing in the window watching us. (We also put our old sofa in his yard once) We left the toilet in their yard anyway and came home. Sure enough around 1 a.m. Marty brings the toilet back to our yard. So my first prank of the year was foiled. But that's OK, we are still in possession of the toilet so who knows where it may wind up or when. The biggest accomplishment of the year so far is that Brian replaced the water filter in our fridge after talking about it for 2 and 1/2 years. He was also pretty excited because when he called to order the water filter the lady on the phone also sold him a meat thermometer so now according to Brian I can be a better cook. Lastly, speaking of people in our family getting busted for doing things... Tessa had a friend spend the night the other night and they spent the evening hanging out in the basement. Tessa asked me for the digital camera. Well, I'm not sure if she didn't realize I would SEE the pictures they took but I am pretty sure the picture I found was not an activity I approved...

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