Saturday, January 5, 2008

Our new year so far

I'm sure almost everyone has heard (and is tired of) this story, but a couple of years ago on New Years Eve Brian and I put a toilet in our neighbors (Marty and Lisa) yard. We had a water leak and our toilet cracked and we had to get a new one, so we had an old toilet in the garage. It was pretty funny, and we had a lot of fun with it. Brian was laughing so hard that he dropped the toilet in our yard on the way over to their place. So this year I thought it would be pretty funny to put another toilet in their yard. We had an old toilet at work, so I had it loaded up into my Volvo and drove around with it for a couple of days just waiting for New Years Eve. After midnight we took the toilet to their yard. Turns out Marty must have been waiting for us to do something because he was standing in the window watching us. (We also put our old sofa in his yard once) We left the toilet in their yard anyway and came home. Sure enough around 1 a.m. Marty brings the toilet back to our yard. So my first prank of the year was foiled. But that's OK, we are still in possession of the toilet so who knows where it may wind up or when. The biggest accomplishment of the year so far is that Brian replaced the water filter in our fridge after talking about it for 2 and 1/2 years. He was also pretty excited because when he called to order the water filter the lady on the phone also sold him a meat thermometer so now according to Brian I can be a better cook. Lastly, speaking of people in our family getting busted for doing things... Tessa had a friend spend the night the other night and they spent the evening hanging out in the basement. Tessa asked me for the digital camera. Well, I'm not sure if she didn't realize I would SEE the pictures they took but I am pretty sure the picture I found was not an activity I approved...


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