Saturday, January 19, 2008

I've been kind of excited because I had decided to "spice up" my hair color a bit. I always have my hair done by the same person, but I figured since I wanted to do something a bit different I would schedule a consultation with her versus just show up and ask for something new and possibly throw off her schedule. Anyway, she called me and we talked over the phone about what I wanted since she knows my hair and she didn't want me to have to come in if I didn't need to. Then we made the appointment and I was looking forward to it. Today was the day! We had discussed that I wanted to keep my hair brown and weave in fine pieces of darker browns to give my hair some depth/definition. I'm not sure if this makes sense to anyone else, but she told me she understood what I meant. Not anything obvious. I should have worried that she was on the same page as I was. So I read my book while my hair was being done, and I enjoyed the nice shampoo/scalp massage after. Then I got to sit in the chair while an assistant did my blow dry. Now, I didn't have my glasses or contacts in but I was able to see blonde lines on my head while my hair was still wet. I asked the girl if I was seeing things right and she said "Yes, do you want me to go get her?" I told her to dry some of it so I could see better and then we would look at it. Um, I'm not sure what happened but it is absolutely not brown woven with darker shades of brown. I politely let her know it was OK to stop drying/styling my hair and that I was going to go home and call back for an appointment to correct the color as I knew it was Saturday and there was no way they had time to do corrective color properly and I didn't want to say something I impolite as I was feeling pretty upset. She agreed that it was pretty brassy and the streaks were blonde and walked me to the front. Then they were kind enough to give me my bill. They said that the appointment for corrective color would be no charge. Again, I thought I was pretty nice when I said no, I would not be paying today as I was completely not sure what happened to my hair and I would pay when I came back Tuesday and my hair was done the way it was supposed to be. I told them I wasn't trying to be difficult but I am a regular customer every month for cut/color/waxing and I was not happy with what had just happened. And then I walked out the door. Part of me thought they might send the Upper Arlington police after me for not paying. I wasn't trying to be difficult but I can't see paying $100 for the exact opposite of what you asked for. I have to say it looks like I used an eyelash comb with peroxide on the front of my head. No joke. I told Traci that it is fortunate my face is pretty enough to make up for my hair.


Anonymous said...

that is a pretty funny story! AAHH nothing worse than a nightmarish hair coloring! you should re-name your blog "KT's Brassy Blog" haha do you get it! jk. i am sure it's not that bad! AND love the way you walked out! that made my day!

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