Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Another one bites the dust...

Well, it appears that it's time to wrap up another year and move ahead into a new one. Here's a re-cap of my year:

1) Went on some REALLY fun trips from Utah to Toronto to Florida and lots of places in between.
2) Spent time with old friends and made new friends
3) Amazingly enough became a better cook. (I did not proclaim to be GOOD, but better)
4) Watched my daughters turn 4 and 16.
5) Read lots of good books, saw some great concerts (I love you Barry Manilow, I will always be a Fanilow) and saw Chelsea Handler twice. (Love her too)
6) Was the passenger in a car driven by my 16 year old for the first time. Got my hair colored.
7) Attended my husbands 20th class reunion

Coming up in 2009:

1) Go on more trips to Toronto and the Kentucky Derby (Rooms are booked, ready to go!)
2) Scout out colleges for one daughter, get the other daughter started in kindergarten (Do not consult me on family planning)
3) Say goodbye to my dear friends Jeremy and Jordan and Jeremy finishes med school and they move for his residency (Expect lots of tears)
4) Attend MY 20th class reunion. Get my hair colored. Attend the wedding of Brian's classmates who re-connected at the 20th class reunion!
5) Read more, cook more, enjoy life.

Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

What every Jewish girl needs...

I had a little girl in my office today who was born in a refugee camp in Somalia. I've gotten to know her quite well and have become good friends with their family. She is one of the smartest kids I've ever met and remembers everything you tell her. She remembered that I have a Jewish mother and came in today because she forgot to tell me Happy Hanukkah. And for some reason I mentioned to her that I want a new menorah. Then she got me started watching Japanese music videos on You Tube (Yes, this was my day at work) because she is learning Japanese and wanted to show me how she can sing along now. So, cut to later hours at home as I am wandering around OPB (other people's blogs) and I find this little gem. No way! So this half Jewish girl got this awesome and fun find at almost half off. Would this be considered an After-Hanukkah sale?

Karma Chameleon

As part of my ongoing mid-life crisis I've been second-guessing my decision to go blond. And while it is rumored that blonde's have more fun I've realized that

1) I am usually having fun no matter my hair color
2) I wasn't fooling anyone
3) Blond does not suit me as well as my natural color, so back I go

So here is a fun video AND a pic of my back-to-basics color. (I'm not sure what it means when I am relating my life to a Boy George song, but who cares? I admit, I LOVED THE 80's.)

Monday, December 29, 2008

Word to your mother

Tonight we were enjoying Caroline's #1 favorite Christmas gift, the cupcake maker. And while I was trying to help with the icing, Caroline told me "Mom, I know how to do it, but I just want to do it my way." Don't we all Caroline? Don't we all.

Want some fries with that shake?

The shake is free! Go to Arby's website and register and you will get a coupon for a free shake. I have a long history with Arby's- In high school I worked at an ice cream shop in the mall and we used to trade ice cream for Arby's sandwiches from the cute boys who worked at Arby's! And sad as it is to admit, that was back in 1987. Hopefully if there is a statute of limitations on such things it has expired now that I have publicly fessed up to it!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Benjamin Button and a night with Brad Pitt

So over the long holiday weekend I saw both Marley and Me (loved it) and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. And I have to say that they are completely different movies but I absolutely loved Benjamin Button. It is now on my list of my favorite movies. If you are planning on headed for the movies I say SEE IT! And I have to say that there are scenes in the movie where Tilda Swinton is completely glamorous looking. Her role in the movie is so unlike parts I have seen her play in other movies. She was very likable in this movie. Oh I loved this movie! GO SEE IT!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Favorite Reads of 2008

One of my favorite things (Now I sound like Oprah) is reading. And I love to share my books with others. Karen mentioned that she was needing a few book suggestions so I thought I would share some of my best reads from this year:

Write It When I'm Gone- Conversations with Gerald Ford
Journey of a Thousand Miles by Lang Lang
Home- A Memoir of My Early Years by Julie Andrews
Pirates Daughter

A few more great and funny reads are Marley and Me and both of Chelsea Handlers books.


Santa loves me... the day after

Thank you Santa Thank you Thank you. (Santa being Brian in this case) I DO NOT like going to stores unless it is Target or I am on girl trip. In those situations I adore stores. My weapon of choice is online shopping. So yesterday I took to the Internet and I found this. And Brian told me to go ahead and order it! Let me tell you I am going to be FIERCE in this skirt!

Friday, December 26, 2008

The aftermath of the holidays

After Christmas I usually wind up in a frenzy of "get this crap out of here and let's get back to normal." As if "normal" doesn't involve lots of "stuff" either. Anyway. I can not stand to have a lot of "stuff" around. Our tree usually comes down Christmas day or the day after. No joke, I don't even have yearbooks or other mementos (at this Brian would say "Mentos?") most people have because I just don't like to deal with it. It just seems like a lot of hassle for me. So my way of dealing with it is to donate it, recycle it or throw it away. And of course today I am surrounded by mounds of plastic pieces of stuff and other various assorted holiday goodies. And I am going out of my head. I have already shopped all I can on the online sales and now I must tackle this stuff. Last night we hauled a bunch of stuff and pitched it in a dumpster. Whew. That makes me feel somewhat better. Poor Brian. I already told him I am cleaning everything with ammonia today just because it makes me feel a little better about things. If it smells clean, it must be clean and freakishly, I love the smell of ammonia. So now I will soldier onward and resist the siren call of the J Crew sale. (Only because I already shopped it. Twice. Sorry Brian.)

Thursday, December 25, 2008

A Christmas prediction...

Do you ever do something that you know in advance is going to be a bad decision but you do it anyway? Caroline knows that Marley and Me comes out today and wants to go see it. She has seen the previews so many times where Marley is hanging out of the car door walking along the road as Owen Wilson is driving and she thinks it is HI-larious. And like a ding dong I agreed to it. Even as I sit here with a 13 year old Golden Retriever on her second bout with cancer. I just know, I mean really really know it is a bad idea to take my four year old to see a movie on Christmas Day about a dog who dies. Crap. Merry Freaking Christmas. I'll have to remember to bring Kleenex. For both of us. Note to self: Go light on the eye make-up today. Tears are forthcoming.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

'Twas the Night Before Christmas...

Twas the night before Christmas
UPS is at the door
Bringing me boxes
Please Santa
More More More!!!

From Banana Republic, J Crew and more
I love it when retailers have an online store!
The sales are amazing
Great deals galore
Again Santa please
More More More

You think I'd have enough
Of great stuff for me
But all of this stuff just fills me with glee

Brian shakes his head
And often wonders why
I know he is pissed when he gives a big sigh

I've cut back this year
I really have
Even unsubscribed from mailing lists
Which makes me feel sad

But I can do it
Soldier on I will
The economy sucks
Retailers are trying to maintain goodwill

So enjoy the holidays
Shop if you will
I hope you get free shipping
And a heck of a deal!


Monday, December 22, 2008

Feeling festive

That may not really be the case, but at least I look it. It is so FREAKING COLD that my car doors are frozen shut. We had a bunch of rain, and as the Volvo holds water that water is now frozen. I have my own mini ice-skating rink inside of my car. Yippee! It is 4 degrees here and with the windchill it is -14. Unfortunately, my scarf covers the cute buttons on my sweater but I got my sweater at the awesome Ann Taylor Loft BOGO sale. (Which ends today)

Friday, December 19, 2008

A-ha! It is mine! A JCrew success story...

I have spent the last few months ogling a couple of skirts from J Crew but was not willing to pay the price. And I have been doing a good job avoiding all of the tempting "Free shipping" offers but I opened one from J Crew and there was my skirt. For $39.99 AND free shipping. Too much for me to pass up, especially as how it was $165.00 to begin with. Happy Holidays to me! Now all I need is for them to reduce the price on this skirt and I will be golden!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Buh-Bye World Series of Bunco...

So, now I guess it is time to face up to the fact that the economy is bad and that companies are cutting back. Sigh. Yesterday in my mailbox was a card from Proctor and Gamble letting me know that they are no longer able to sponsor the World Series of Bunco in Las Vegas (I'm not even joking) and have not been able to find other corporate sponsors. Seriously, I am sure there may be a few eye rolls over this but if you haven't played Bunco it really is fun. Get a group of girls together and play! It is my favorite thing I do each month and I really look forward to it. There are loads of websites that will explain the game for you, and it really is easy. To soften the blow P&G did send out free t-shirts to people!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

You CAN teach an old dog new tricks!

It's not really a secret that I like to shop. LOTS. But believe it or not I have gotten better. And today has been a very good testament to how much better I have gotten. The nice people at Chanel were kind enough to email me today letting me know that through the end of today I can have FREE shipping (one of my weaknesses, I get roped into more crap by getting excited over free shipping) AND free gift wrapping. And yes, there is a nail polish that I really, really would love to order but I'm not going to. Do you know how excited I would be to have gift wrapped nail polish from Chanel? Somehow that is even better than just getting the normal box. And I have to admit that yes, I did put the polish in my cart just to see if I would see my little "free sample" message (another major weakness of mine) but I didn't do it. I was just curious about just how much amazingness I was missing. So don't worry about me, I won't be getting a gift wrapped box from Chanel. Sigh..... but I am excited with myself for not hitting the "send" button. It's the small things I guess. Now I just have to avoid the 20% off from Bliss. And the BOGO from Ann Taylor Loft.

When the Saints Go Marching In...

So I came downstairs today in my (cutest ever) skirt from Club Monaco and Brian told me I looked like I was going to play for the Saints. Mmmm.... maybe not but the funny thing is that When the Saints Go Marching In was on my mind as I was getting dressed. Gee, maybe I should have also been thinking about cleaning my table off from the prior nights cookie making...

Friday, December 12, 2008

Greetings from sunny Florida!

So, Kass over at Always Dreaming was kind enough to pass along a blog award for me, which I will pass along to others. Yay! Thanks Kass! It is kind of funny to me, because I look at her blog, and while she is blogging about life in Florida I am sitting here in Ohio FREEZING! And I'm sorry it took me a bit to acknowledge this fun award, but here is a breakdown of the great week I've had:
Monday- Duran Duran
Tuesday- Bunco (I won a $20 Old Navy card!)
Wednesday- The Rockettes
Thursday- Recipe Club
Which leads me to today and a catch up day! Whew!
Here are a few blogs I enjoy reading each day:
La Belette Rouge- Very witty, sometimes painful but always honest
The Typing Makes Me Sound Busy- This girl CRACKS ME UP
Karen from Of A Certain Age- She got her photo taken on the new 90210 set. Lucky, right?
There are way more blogs I read each day but I wanted to pick some I've never mentioned, and all of the others are linked on my blog roll so make sure to enjoy them! And thanks again Kass! Happy Friday!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

She bangs continued...

So, it isn't a great picture but my friend Trinette played photographer for us at Duran Duran. Unfortunately my bangin' bangs appear to be unevenly cut in this pic but I promise they aren't!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Duran Duran

Was AWESOME! I would rank the show right up there with my beloved Barry Manilow and Barenaked Ladies. I'm not sure how but after all these years they still have it! And just for the record:

THIS is Notorious

THIS is not

Just so we're all clear. Also, the crowd was a lot more normal than I was expecting. I was expecting a little bit more in the way of big hair and 80's-ness. The best we saw was a guy in front of us in a silver shirt. Good thing I didn't show up in leg warmers as I had hoped to...

Monday, December 8, 2008

She bangs!

I had a haircut appointment this weekend and had decided to go back to bangs. I just prefer them on myself. I guess I made a good choice because my stylist mentioned that bangs were the best choice for me as they covered up the sun damage on my forehead that I have accumulated over the years. I know I know I know. I'm not getting any younger. I baby my skin now but am bummed out that I didn't in earlier years. So bangs it is!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Talbots BOGO

Now this is a deal I like! I woke up to an email from Talbots that they are having a Buy One Get One Free sweater deal. In stores only, through Monday. Yes, the price of one sweater is $79 but the quality is nice and when you factor in the free one it is like you just got the sweaters for $40 each. One for you, one for a gift! Yay!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Add this to my Christmas Wish List

A few years ago I happened upon an artist named Chris Plummer at our local arts festival. And I fell in love with his work. So occasionally I check his site to see what new pieces he has done. (I'm up to 3 now) and after seeing this now I would love to have 4 of his pieces. I hate to be redundant but please Santa baby?

Thursday, December 4, 2008

A very happy birthday

To my good friend TC. Let me tell you about TC. That guy has been my friend for years. We met when I (in a stunning blaze of ignorance) had an eye infection that became so bad my eye swelled shut. I had no eye doctor (I am terrified of all things medical unless anesthesia is involved) and wound up at a mall eye doctor. Which happened to be a young up and coming (later to be named Ohio's Young Optometrist of the Year this year and now a successfully self employed optometrist) who took great pity on me as I was having a rough time and did a great job of following up with me. When he finally got a hold of me to do said follow up I was at the Pottery Barn outlet shopping for furniture with two good eyes versus the one he had seen me with. From there we developed a great friendship which has lasted over 10 years now! He has taken me through KFC in a slightly drunken stupor, made me Kool Aid in a different drunken stupor and indulged me in a "Come on and bring all of your cd's into my house so I can dance" drunken stupor. And no, these were not all at the same time! He also patiently weathered Tessa's crush on him during elementary school when she pretended to not be able to see so she could have an appointment with him. He has since married so there is no future for TC and Tessa, and it turns out she can see just fine after all. He has seen me through multiple hair colors, several cell phone numbers, changes of address and who knows what else. He even let me pretend to be the eye doctor once at his practice... Don't worry, I didn't actually DO the eye exam but it was fun for a few minutes until I had to fess up that I was not indeed the eye doctor. So while I could mention good things about him all day long I will just settle for HAPPY BIRTHDAY TC! May you have many happy birthdays and may I have no more crazy eye infections! And hey, I hope you don't mind the photo-op. I figured it was better than the picture I have of us where I had hot-rollered blond hair and my sassy snakeskin pants from Guess?

Mid life crisis???

I've been wondering lately if I am in the middle of my mid-life crisis. And I don't say this to be funny, or to encourage anyone to tell me that I am still young. I just feel different. And I can't stop daydreaming about Botox and Microdermabrasion, dream vacations, etc... And when I hold a new baby I really only enjoy it versus the old pangs of "Oh, I want one of these again." And I've been pondering exactly when mid-life hits? And while I know statistically I am not quite in the throes of my mid-life crisis, who is to say that I'm not? Maybe I am only meant to be 74 in the end? So, to make my mid-week ramblings short, here is what led me to really, really feel old today, and also provide me with a good laugh. We're sitting in my office today on a conference call about our company's 401K program. Which is pretty important to everyone except for the 19 year old in my office. So the phone is on mute as we listen in and one of the guys who works for me mentioned how growing up his family had a party line and the only way to "mute" a conversation was to unscrew the mouthpiece and take the speaker out. To which said 19 year old said in all seriousness: "I saw a phone like that at COSI once in middle school on a field trip." Awesome. Just awesome.

More love for Origins!

$10 off of a $35 purchase and free shipping and sample! But the promo ends today, sorry for the short notice! Use code tenoff at checkout. Happy Shopping!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I can't Elf Myself enough!

Send your own ElfYourself eCards

Happy Holidays!

Send your own ElfYourself eCards

To Kindle or not to Kindle?

For over a year now I have been curious about the Kindle. For anyone not familiar with the Kindle it is a device from Amazon that you can download books (and much more) on. Not exaggerating I read on average 3 books per week so I have been VERY curious about the Kindle. Brian offered to buy me one last year but I really, really enjoy holding my books in my hand and can't imagine how I would feel about reading via the Kindle instead. And apparently, it doesn't matter because they are back-ordered and they were last year also. I've said I wish I knew someone with one so I could try it out but I don't know anyone who has one. But SOMEONE has to have one, otherwise they would not be backordered for the second holiday season. Do YOU Kindle? Do you know someone who does? And if so, what is the general impression?

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Four Christmases

We went and saw this on vacation and I have to say it was so funny! I always think Vince Vaughan is funny and I love Reese Witherspoon. If you get a chance to see this you should go! We laughed so hard!

Home Sweet Home!

Well, after getting home and downloading all of the pictures it appears that I took over 500 pictures over the course of vacation. However, I am sure no one cares to see 500 photos of our trip so I will just dole out a few. For today's viewing pleasure here is Caroline's reaction to Disney. Again, let me remind you that she really, really disliked Disney. If we were driving and passed a sign for Disney she would get nervous that we were taking her back there. Not to worry Caroline, we learned our lesson. You don't have to go back to Disney again.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Family Vacation

Well, right now I'm feeling a little bit like Chevy Chase in Family Vacation. You know, where he has absolutely the best intentions for his family vacation and nothing goes according to plan? So we plan this trip to Disney for months. Pretty exciting, a trip to Disney, right? Here's the breakdown so far:
Five plane tickets (We brought my mother in law, who is really an awesome travel companion)
Four nights in a hotel
One rented mini-van (Does not hold a candle to the much-loved Kia rental)
Tickets to Sea World (A hit)
Tickets to Disney
$150 off the tickets to Disney for listening to a time-share presentation
Here's where the fun begins:
Caroline HATED Disney. HATED IT. She liked the free tram ride in. And she looked really cute in her princess dress I had dry-cleaned and hiked from Ohio to Florida. Unfortunately the first thing we saw at Disney was a little play that featured a "bad person" I really can't even tell you for sure but it may have been Cruella De Vil. That was the end of our happy day at Disney. And that was really within the first half hour. So from there on out she refused to go see Minnie Mouse, Mickey Mouse, any princesses or anyone or anything associated with Disney. She wanted to just go back to the hotel. Awesome. She did manage to pick out a $13 toy from the gift shop. Lesson learned: In the future just go to the Disney store at the mall within 10 minutes of our house. Picking out the toy was hard though because every toy was associated with the fact that each princess knows a "bad guy." Case in point per Caroline- Belle knows the Beast. She considers him to be scary. Peter Pan knows pirates. They are scary. Cinderella gifts, no thanks. She has a wicked stepmother. (Not intended to offend any stepmothers)
So, we won't be headed back for another day at Disney. Caroline has deemed Sea World as an acceptable destination though. Whew!
Oh, and when checking voice mail I had a message from my bank. I left my bank card in the machine at home. So much for the temptation of the Fendi, Dior and Barney's New York outlets here...

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Every year Brian and his buddy run in our local Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot. Little Max has been going along for the run with his dad for at least three years now. What a trooper!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Insight of the night...

So here is my question:

If we're all in the same boat how come sometimes it feels like we're rowing alone?

Just curious...

What I'm thankful for today...

My cocomotion. My friend Traci turned me on to this a few years ago and I loved it so much I have one at work and one at home. Yum!

Hump Day

Doesn't it just figure? The day before Thanksgiving and two days before we leave for Disney and I am sick. Sick to the point where I am losing my voice, for which I am sure is what Brian will be thankful for this Thanksgiving! I know it is terrible but I just couldn't even be bothered to dress for work today so I made it a self-appointed jeans day! Unfortunately said jeans are more than a tad wrinkled.... So, what is YOUR favorite Thanksgiving dish that you love to share with others?

Oh well... Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Problem solved!

Remember this? Well, check out this! Whew!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

A picture is worth a thousand words

Caroline and I on the train

Caroline, Trinette and Adalynn in front of a moose with designer clothes! (Seriously, if you could see the moose had high heels and designer jeans!)

So, Adalynn had her own ideas about this one, and they did not include standing with the rest of us for this picture (Jordan, myself, Caroline and the AWESOME Jensens)

Look at that scenery! How could I not want to go back???

Utah rocks!

So, we're back from Salt Lake City and I can say I would live there. I love that place! It is so clean and easy to get around and there is so much to do! We took the train from one side of the city to the other and their public transportation system is AWESOME! We spent a day in Park City, which is AWESOME as well and I can not wait to go back. In a stroke of good (and fun) luck we wound up staying at the same hotel as BYU's football team. (Unfortunately they didn't win) The players were so nice (and big!) and hi-fived Caroline on the elevator. At the airport we continued the sports-team theme and ran into the ladies basketball team from Montana and then the Iowa wrestling team. Also, expect a post about MY new favorite sport Geocaching. This one is courtesy of Jordan's father in law Dennis and I can see myself getting hooked on it. I had never heard of this but it is fun! So, the trip was so fun, and many thanks go out to the Jensen family for being the best hosts ever, Trinette for being a great room-mate and pal to Caroline on her first all-girl getaway and to the amazingly kind staff at OC Tanner. There are not many high-end stores where you can feel comfortable with small children but they could not have been better to us! Unless they had just handed over the $12,000 pair of earrings they were kind enough to show me. Now THAT would have been GREAT customer service... So Brian- when can I purchase my next plane ticket because I really, really can't wait to go back!
*And thanks to Jordan for stopping a lady on the street in Park City to ask about her jeans. They turned out to be a brand called Sang Real. We found the store where the lady purchased them and Jordan and Trinette bought some. If you can locate someone carrying them near you let me say, they are some flattering jeans! Lots of cute styles and decent prices! (FYI-Brian, I didn't buy any.)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Travel Day- Caroline and Me!

We're headed off to Salt Lake City for a fun girls weekend. As Caroline would say "Girls Only" It's a bummer that Tessa has school and can't come with us, but it's OK because as soon as we get home it's time to turn around and go to Disney and she'll come on that trip. Just think... in a matter of hours I will have seen the Twilight movie. I can't wait! Tonight at midnight...

FYI- If you are a Twilight fan (And how could you not be???) I have to admit that I got a Stupid Shiny Volvo Owner shirt to wear to the movie! Just like the car will be, the t-shirt will be handed down to Tessa after tonight.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I hate to brag... (Not really)

We just found out that Tessa was selected for National Honor Society! Yay! The induction ceremony is tonight so expect pictures! FYI- She gets this from my side... So now in addition to my kids being cuter than your kids does this mean I get to say my kids are smarter than your kids?

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The great divide (Or another installment of what to do when your husband gets on your nerves)

Or my alternate title:

A ribbon runs through it

So, depending on how long you have been reading my blog, you may remember a while back when Brian made me mad about helping out with the housework stating that he had done as much as he wanted to and was done. So I decided I had also done all I wanted to do and therefore I only made my half of the bed. Well, once again the bed has served me in my time of need. This time in a very un-Brady sort of way. And I only say this because I am pretty sure they did something similar to this on the Brady Bunch once. Anyway...
I like to read at bedtime. Brian likes to watch television. And he has been griping at me that the light keeps him from falling asleep and I should do my reading downstairs and come to bed when I am done. This coming from a guy who has fallen asleep many times over the years with the lights on. And the television. So my point is that I should be able to read if he is going to continue to watch television, being that the television prevents ME from falling asleep. Since we can't agree on this one right now I have decided to take an old piece of advice from Brian which is that sometimes you have to just agree to disagree. Which I am fine with. But I also solved the problem. I ran a ribbon down the middle of the bed. He can watch tv on his side and I will read on mine. Problem solved for now until we can come to a happy compromise. Also, I did use a VERY cute ribbon, which is orange and white polka dots. And in a much cuter though maybe not as entertaining of a picture, how cute is Caroline jumping on Tessa's bed?

Monday, November 17, 2008

A new pose for fashion blogging...

Since I haven't taken any "Look how cute I am in this outfit" pics lately I decided it was time for one. Well, it is a VERY GOOD THING I can laugh at myself because I have now used the little known "Pull my finger" pose. As soon as I looked at this pic it was the first thing I thought of. And rather than have a re-do I figured everyone can use a good laugh on a Monday, right? The unfortunate thing about this photo is that it does not do the jacket justice. I love this jacket. I love this jacket so much that it was my jacket of choice for the Barry Manilow concert earlier this year, which was a BIG DEAL. I got the jacket at Urban Outfitters (I know, grow up Katie, right?) for $19.99 I think. It was a crazy steal! So, for your Monday morning enjoyment (Since Ally abandoned Mantastic Monday) here is a little Barry for you too!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Hard lesson learned (Or- I got outsmarted by a 4 year old)

Well, I thought I was being pretty organized about the holidays. Started my shopping, feeling pretty good about things. In our dining room there is a closet. And this closet is my own special place. So I have all of my little goodies stored in there. So I thought I was alone in the room and I opened the door for something. And within seconds Caroline has whipped out the giant Care Bear I bought her for Christmas. That little stinker! Then she proceeds to carry it into the living room and ask me if I meant to give her that for her birthday. And then she offered to take the tags off for me. Well isn't she sweet? I mentioned that it was indeed intended for Christmas but yes, she might as well keep it now. By the time she got to her grandma's house with her dad (giant Care Bear in tow) she was gracious enough to call me to mention that:

A) I might want to wrap the gifts in the closet so she could not see what they were
B) On Christmas she would let me wrap the Care Bear and she would pretend not to know what it was
Well, guess what this girl spent her Saturday night doing?

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Boy do I get a lot of email...

So, here is a sampling of what was in my "in" box today:
Burn off gross fat- Thank you. Are you calling my fat gross? Wait. Are you calling me fat?
From Rags to Riches- Brian thanks you
Federal Agents Needed- Really, is this how you get hired to be one of these? Intriguing...
Vehicle Trade In Manager- I have a feeling they have not really seen the Volvo...
Last but not least, one of my faves:
You can afford better breasts. (I think this one coincides with my offer for $1,500 deposited into my account if I just take a quick survey...)

Kate Spade- 30% off TODAY ONLY!

Shopping. STAT! Click here for the link to the 30% off Kate Spade but don't forget... it is TODAY ONLY!

Friday, November 14, 2008

By this time next week...

I will have seen the Twilight movie. On vacation in Salt Lake City. With a few of my girlfriends. Does it get much better than that? FYI- The soundtrack to the movie has already hit #1 on the Billboard music chart. If you had told me as I was reading page one of this book series that I would become such a fan I would never have believed you. (Jordan and Traci...)

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