Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Karma Chameleon

As part of my ongoing mid-life crisis I've been second-guessing my decision to go blond. And while it is rumored that blonde's have more fun I've realized that

1) I am usually having fun no matter my hair color
2) I wasn't fooling anyone
3) Blond does not suit me as well as my natural color, so back I go

So here is a fun video AND a pic of my back-to-basics color. (I'm not sure what it means when I am relating my life to a Boy George song, but who cares? I admit, I LOVED THE 80's.)


Trinette Hayslip said...

I LOVE that song. It just always puts me in a good mood! See you Friday!

Hillary said...

I like the back to basics hair color too. Such a cute pic!

Ally said...

It looks great, lady! What does Big Money think about it? haahaha

Anonymous said...

Look at you, you sexy vixen! I love the darker hair!

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