Saturday, July 3, 2010

So long...

So,I know I've said it before, but this is it.

I'm wrapping up KT's Sassy Blog.
Other than random-ness, so much of this blog has been about my marriage.
Which is almost over, and is really a new beginning for all of us.
Which means there is a new chapter in my life to share, for anyone who wants to come along for the ride.
And a new blog.
(Because I'm not really giving up blogging, again, I'm just starting the new chapter!)
And if you follow, and be patient, I will link to all of the awesome blogs I follow and share things that amuse me, or things I'm thinking about.
And hope for the same support, friendship and amazingness I've been fortunate to receive from so many people over the years. I can not even tell you how many times people have been kind enough to tell me they read anything I write, let alone enjoy it. It means the world to me.
If you do come visit me at my new place, and have followed me here, you will appreciate my new blog
Because honestly, I am so looking forward to what happens from here on out!
Ciao for now-
Still Sassy Katie

Monday, June 21, 2010

Weekend wrap up...

My weekends don't always contain too much excitement, but this one was an exception to the rule...

Friday night- All about the Wii. Tessa, her friend Jennifer, Caroline and myself played Just Dance and had a BALL.
Saturday... Saturday gets a little more descriptive. For the last few weeks my garbage disposal had been broken. Not too big of a deal, just pick up the new disposal and call the best repair man ever, Mike D'angelo. Sure Katie, I'll be over Saturday, just pick up the new disposal and have it ready.
So... a matter of minutes into Mike's visit he says "Katie, do you know what this is?" Sure I do! It is the wrought iron top to my paper towel dispenser. It has been missing for, oh say a few weeks.
Well, after that, I gave Caroline a shower after which she wrapped a round brush around her hair over and over, which led to my having to cut a portion of the hair out.
But after all that, I got to get on the road and head home for the night to Indiana to meet up with old friends. Our friend Steve was in the US, and lives in Shanghai currently so it was VERY nice to see him.
Sunday was nice and low key. Just the way I like it...
Now bring on the new week!
And as always, if you need a good contractor in the Columbus area call Mike D'angelo.

Monday, June 14, 2010

When your life's Garmin isn't working...

I was talking to a friend recently and we were lamenting the fact that neither one of us feels like we should pay annually to update our Garmin's. It seems like we paid so much for them, and neither one of us wants to continue to pay the cost.

Sometimes, life feels like that.
Before Garmin how did things get done? Before Mapquest? You figured it out or asked someone else right? Maybe even read a map? (Which, I still don't know how to do, but I've made it this far...)
Well, in yet another installment of "This old house" I called a contractor to help me remove the old grab bar from my shower and get rid of the rust which ran down from under the grab bar.
$1,500 was the quote.
Single mom says what?
#1- Not in the budget
#2- What part of me appears to be stupid?
#3- I can do this. Um, I've seen commercials for CLR! Myself!
Ever since I got the phone call with the estimate on Friday I was stressed out about this. $1,500. That is A LOT of money. For one tub renovation? And not even a great one? No way. But at the same time, every day I dread getting into a shower with rust build up running down it. And this is a company I have used before and charged me MUCH LESS for the same work. So I was pretty shocked to get that quote. Had I been anticipating anything close to that I would have never wasted their time...
No. By Sunday after much brewing (albeit in a rusty shower) I was pretty fed up. And while I'm not quite ready to call myself "Katie the shower repair lady" I did make a trip to Home Depot and purchased my own CLR, clear caulk and appliance repair touch up paint. And some lawn bags. I spent under $20.00 and fixed my own problem.
Which leads me to feeling like Caroline, Tessa and myself deserve a Wii.
Which I never ever would have believed was SO FUN before Saturday night...
Which is another story all in it's own. For another time.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Why Talbot's can be hot too...

Really. Here is the pre-conceived idea of what I am up against, as are many of us (I know I was not the only person born in 1971) who

1) Do not want to look like idiots
2) Honestly know that we've still got it, we just don't feel the need to advertise it
3) Revert back to #1
Now, I'm not saying all twin-sets need to come from Talbots. Target and Old Navy sell perfectly cute twin-sets too. A cute twin-set, or even a cardigan and t-shirt are cute, and can be hot in their own way. As far as I'm concerned, the look comes down to how you feel about yourself on the inside, not how much skin you are showing on the outside. If I can show enough of my personality and attitude to feel hot on my own does it really matter if I'm wearing a twin-set? Really. Have you ever seen me in a twin-set and peep toe pumps? I have. I feel pretty confident.
So, to the person who referred to me as a Stepford wife, and girls they perceive to be "like" me, let me clearly state this:
Do not under-estimate girls in twin-sets. You never know what lies beneath the twin-set, either inside or out. Also, you never know about our "twins", nor should you attempt to guess. It just makes you look like:
#1) An idiot (See my own #1, the person I do not want to be)
#2) A person who spends more time and frustration thinking about "girls like us" than we are spending thinking about you.
#3) See #1

Lastly, I am about to be an ex-wife. Please do not refer to me as a Stepford wife. Unless you have a role for me making whatever Nicole Kidman made.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Things I am have and have not been...

I have been loved, I have fallen out of love, and had love taken away.
I have been blond, brunette, and a few versions of red, not always intentionally.
I have been skinny, over-weight and everything in between. All within a year!
I have been an over-achiever, and have fallen short of my own goals and expectations.
I have succeeded, I have failed.
Long hair, short hair, curly hair and straight. Some days, frizzy.
Girly-girl, tomboy.
Frugal, fool hardy.
Honest and dishonest.
Well intentioned yet hurtful.
I have been right, I have been wrong. I have been stubborn, I have given in.
Ball cap wearer to fancy Derby hats. On the rare occasion a snow cap.
A traveller, a home-body.
Since 1992, one thing has remained consistent. My love for my sweet daughter Tessa, who as of Saturday night is a high school graduate. Congratulations to my girl. Enjoy all of the challenges and fun times ahead of you.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Full metal... purse?

So. You know how sometimes life is a little hectic and MAYBE your purse has turned into an area that is quite possibly bad news.
As in:
Hell if I know what's in there. I've just been tossing stuff in there for weeks and not bothered to look around. I know there are no children (of mine) in there, because I have seen both of mine in the last 24 hours and I have to admit that while I do know there was food in there I did remove it the other day. (String cheese. Sorry)
So. You know, the wouldn't sell you such a big handbag if they didn't want you to UTILIZE all of that space. Right? And I'm SORRY if maybe I don't keep my bag very organized.
Well. I got to the courthouse last night (I'd say it was a long story, but it's not and not worth going over) and forgot that you have to go through a metal detector, as does your purse. WTF.
In the list of things I was mentally prepared for THAT was not one of them. You know how sometimes you have your own secret areas of shame? My bag is one of mine. (As is my car. But anyone who knows me knows that.)
This is no joke, but I was at a party once and won a door prize for having the most random contents in my bag. If you need it, there is a good chance I have it.
So. Back to the issue at hand(bag). My bag. It goes through the metal detector and gets stopped and they show the contents to me on the screen and ask me what's in there? Hell if I know. What ISN'T in there? They asked me if I had mace. No. They asked me what it was. Possibly a hair product? I wasn't being a smart alec, just honest. Really. You people think I know what is in that bag? All I know is it must have looked REALLY bad on the screen because they sure weren't about to stick their hands in there and start rooting around.
After all that, of course I HAD to know what the freak they saw on the screen that caused such concern, yet not enough to reach in and check.
1) $14 in LOOSE CHANGE! I'm rich!
2) A drawer pull from a cabinet I bought at World Market. Awesome store, hated the hardware.
3) Spare parts for my eyelash curler. Shu Uemura rocks. For those of you who are lovely you know what I mean.
4) A spoon. Mine? Brian's? Guess I need to figure that out.
5) Jewelry. But not the good stuff. No. My two Wendy Brandes necklaces are safe and sound.
6) Lot's of random other stuff.
Anyway. I'm offically changing bags. To something smaller. Geesh.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

What's a newly single girl to do?

Besides LOVE IT!
So, let me give you a run down of my first real Friday night alone (Brian's first "real" weekend being in "charge.")
What I'm so happy and thankful about is that people are not "pushing" me to do things. My friends have been very respectful of the fact that right now, I value my privacy and quiet time. I really just want to be with my girls, and get the new house to the point where it feels like home for us.
So. Back to Friday night. I was feeling a little excited and was planning on having a friend come over for a bit. Until I got home and discovered Quincy had FLEAS. And not a few. More like QUITE A FEW. Again, this is what I get for buying a house with three dogs, a cat and an overgrown never been weeded yard that resembled Wild Freaking Kingdom out there.
Fleas. Do you KNOW how hard I have worked on cleaning the new house? Having the hardwood floors re-done? Replacing ruined carpet? Taking money out of my retirement account to furnish it?
So. Back to Friday night. By 9 p.m. I am naked (whatever, freaks) in my bathroom giving my dog a flea bath. Did you even know how expensive flea shampoo is? I was so upset I bathed the poor guy twice in addition to having made an appointment for the morning for a flea bath at the vet.
By 9:30 I am in bed reading. No TV. Quietly.
I swear, I woke up smiling, fleas and all.

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