Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Why Talbot's can be hot too...

Really. Here is the pre-conceived idea of what I am up against, as are many of us (I know I was not the only person born in 1971) who

1) Do not want to look like idiots
2) Honestly know that we've still got it, we just don't feel the need to advertise it
3) Revert back to #1
Now, I'm not saying all twin-sets need to come from Talbots. Target and Old Navy sell perfectly cute twin-sets too. A cute twin-set, or even a cardigan and t-shirt are cute, and can be hot in their own way. As far as I'm concerned, the look comes down to how you feel about yourself on the inside, not how much skin you are showing on the outside. If I can show enough of my personality and attitude to feel hot on my own does it really matter if I'm wearing a twin-set? Really. Have you ever seen me in a twin-set and peep toe pumps? I have. I feel pretty confident.
So, to the person who referred to me as a Stepford wife, and girls they perceive to be "like" me, let me clearly state this:
Do not under-estimate girls in twin-sets. You never know what lies beneath the twin-set, either inside or out. Also, you never know about our "twins", nor should you attempt to guess. It just makes you look like:
#1) An idiot (See my own #1, the person I do not want to be)
#2) A person who spends more time and frustration thinking about "girls like us" than we are spending thinking about you.
#3) See #1

Lastly, I am about to be an ex-wife. Please do not refer to me as a Stepford wife. Unless you have a role for me making whatever Nicole Kidman made.


WendyB said...

Tell ya what...I'm not going to fight you for those twin-sets. You can have them ALL! ;-)

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