Monday, June 21, 2010

Weekend wrap up...

My weekends don't always contain too much excitement, but this one was an exception to the rule...

Friday night- All about the Wii. Tessa, her friend Jennifer, Caroline and myself played Just Dance and had a BALL.
Saturday... Saturday gets a little more descriptive. For the last few weeks my garbage disposal had been broken. Not too big of a deal, just pick up the new disposal and call the best repair man ever, Mike D'angelo. Sure Katie, I'll be over Saturday, just pick up the new disposal and have it ready.
So... a matter of minutes into Mike's visit he says "Katie, do you know what this is?" Sure I do! It is the wrought iron top to my paper towel dispenser. It has been missing for, oh say a few weeks.
Well, after that, I gave Caroline a shower after which she wrapped a round brush around her hair over and over, which led to my having to cut a portion of the hair out.
But after all that, I got to get on the road and head home for the night to Indiana to meet up with old friends. Our friend Steve was in the US, and lives in Shanghai currently so it was VERY nice to see him.
Sunday was nice and low key. Just the way I like it...
Now bring on the new week!
And as always, if you need a good contractor in the Columbus area call Mike D'angelo.


Polly said...

We have plenty of those "how the heck" moments here!!

Steve said...

Hey! there were no photo of the 3 guys there that night!

Green Mountain Realty said...

Girls weekend are the bomb...My friends and I have had so much fun... Although we are getting a little older now, we're not quite as wild as we use to be

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