Monday, August 31, 2009

Ode to my missing Loubie...

Oh where oh where has my Loubie gone?

Oh where oh where can it be?

I got a good deal on

They quickly shipped them to me.

I wore them once I wore them twice

If I could find them I'd wear them thrice

Oh where has my Loubie gone???

Sunday, August 30, 2009

The week ahead...

All About Steve- I can not WAIT to see this movie. It looks so cute.

Melrose Place- Hope it as good as the first time around. Doubtful, but I hope.

My friend Brittany's baby shower- Since it's her third baby, we're not doing a traditional baby shower. We're having a fun "ladies night." I'd tell you more, but it's top secret as we have not told Brittany what we're up to. Every girl needs a surprise once in a while, right?

Wrapping up the first 2010 budget for my three sites I am responsible for. I'll be dreaming of adding machines by the weekend.

Hoping I can find a time for a pedicure. I need one!

Daydreaming about my upcoming trip to Washington DC.... Just a little tidbit about me, I was born there and lived in DC for four years.

Working on my Swap N Shop Event I am hosting next month. Boy, it will be here quickly. Anyone want to volunteer to help work the event??? Come on Columbus ladies, you know you want to be a part of this fun event...

Week two of Tessa's senior year. AARGH. She got her senior football jersey. How pretty does she look? Spent a good chunk of time researching trip ideas for her graduation gift. Capri? (Brian thinks I am WAY crazy at this point.)

Reading The Day the Falls Stood Still by Cathy Marie Buchanan. It is very good. I'll share more after I am finished with it.

Thinking about a hectic September. Lots of work travel for my husband and I this month. At one point I will leave on a Sunday, come home on a Tuesday, at which point he will leave once I get home, he will get back on Friday just in time for me to leave to return Sunday. Whew! And that's just one week...

Happy Monday! I'm still looking for my Loubie.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Mea Culpa

I have a bad feeling I forgot to send out a book. Did someone want to read Home Safe by Elizabeth Berg? It was really good. If someone did ask me to send them this, please let me know. Or if you didn't, and you want to let me know!
*Also, I've added a couple of new titles to my lending library. Check them out!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Silence is golden...

Or so they say. I haven't decided yet. The stereo on my Volvo is out, along with all of the electrical components on the middle of my car. Silence. It's just me, along with the moans and groans of my car as we go over speed bumps and the occasional trucker honking at us as we drive by and Caroline is furiously pumping her arm up and down at them. (If you're tired of me going on and on about my car, sorry. I know I need to step up to the plate and buy a new one, but really, I am in a battle of wills with my current car and am determined to win. Which makes me a loser. C'est la vie...)
All of this "quiet time" in the car has given me ample opportunity to daydream about future purchases I would like to make.
I've got three I'm obsessing about:
1) This little beauty from Top Shop. It's sold out. Sigh.......... I just know I would have looked SO CUTE in it. Especially at the Pitbull concert.
2) The Clarisonic. Kind of feeling like I need it. I'm sure this feeling will pass and I'll decide I need something else. Obviously my moods lately with regards to skin care are like some crazy middle aged pendulum swinging ALL OVER THE PLACE.
3) The Louis Vuitton ALMA MM. In Bleu Nuit, preferably. If I'm going to daydream, why not make it big, right?

Thursday, August 27, 2009

What the?

1) Found one Loubie. One. Not to make light of certain situations, but am considering chopping off a foot so I can still make use of the one shoe I do have.
2) Managed to burn Tuna Helper.
3) Some random guy tried to pass me on the road. I could see him in my rear view mirror being all aggressive with the traffic behind me. As he approached my car I could see a Yankee Candle air freshener hanging from his rear view mirror. Not a chance am I letting a sissy like that pass me. Seeing as how I have no working cd player (actually, the entire stereo is shot at this point) I was only able to play the song "You're a jerk" in my head. But he was. I mean for real, at least take the Yankee Candle air freshener down if you're going to drive like a total douche. (Sorry)
4) Went to my washing machine to take the clothes from the washer and put them into the dryer. There were no clothes in the washer. Or the dryer. Either I just forgot to do a load of laundry or I am so organized that I forgot washing and drying an entire load of laundry. Whatever.
5) Have no clean spoons in the silverware drawer. Except for the gelato spoons I bought at Jeni's ice cream. That counts. Right? *Does it count against me that I bought the spoons during a time when I was trying not to shop, which really meant not buying clothes and I was so desperate to buy SOMETHING that I bought several pints of ice cream and a set of spoons?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Katie's Lending Library

Since my early childhood dream of becoming a librarian did not pan out I've decided to do my own lending library on my blog. If you see something you like listed under KT's Lending Library over to the left hand side, click on the book title to see more about it. Want to read it? Just email me your name and address and I'll send it to you. You don't even have to send it back, just pass it along to a friend. As many of you know, I love sharing my books so don't be shy! I only get around to shipping once a week or so, and I ship media rate so it may take a bit longer but they will get there, I promise!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A bugs life

I got home from work to find my husband standing at our kitchen window telling me to come see this bug. THIS BUG? More like THIS BIG A** BUG!!!!! It's like a freak show on my window. I am terribly afraid of bugs, but Brian told me we HAD to get a picture of this thing, and he was correct. I was able to get within a few inches for this photo op. After consulting the BEST BUG WEBSITE EVER, I have decided the closest thing I can come up with is that this is a Walnut Underwing.

Random stuff on a Tuesday

*My sweet girl, off to school. Sigh...

Next up, Tessa. Senior year. I think I need to make an appointment with my colorist.

*Meet Louie. Louie is the dog that could have been. On Sunday, one of my properties had a pet fair with the local animal shelter. It was a nice event, and several dogs found new homes. Had my husband gone for it (And trust me, I called him) this lovely dog Louie would have come home with us. Good news is that he went to a co-worker.

*Today and tomorrow are travel days for me for work. I'm too tired and too lazy to pack, so I've decided to just buy something to wear while I'm out of town. Is that terrible? Or to be expected from me?

*Things are getting out of hand on the Pepsi front. I've taken to bringing a 2 litre to my desk and just drinking directly from it. Nice. Classy. Shameful. I have GOT to get off the sauce.
*Lost my Louboutins. For real. Who the HELL misplaces a $700 pair of shoes? Aargh. Last time I saw them was when I packed them for Beyonce. Maybe Beyonce stole my Loubies???
*My husband was riding my bike (A super sweet Trek road racing bike) and it broke. As in- BROKE. Not the chain fell off, no. It basically broke in half. All I can say is "waaah" because it won't be cheap to repair or to replace. I stand a higher chance of replacing the lost Loubies.
*And again, just to clarify, you do know I went to work with my Spanx on inside out yesterday?
*Did I mention I need a manicure? I have two people I am interviewing tomorrow. I'm sure I will look impressive with chipped nails. I'm sure that just screams YES, YOU SHOULD TRUST ME IN A SUPERVISORY SITUATION. LOOK HOW WELL I CAN MANAGE MY OWN GROOMING. DID YOU KNOW I WENT TO WORK WITH MY UNDERGARMENTS ON INSIDE OUT? Some days, I think I am a female version of Michael Scott. I can tell you two people who would vouch for me on that.
* I am in the process of re-arranging my "artwork" I have a few new pieces done by a good friend and want to incorporate them into my home. Seeing as how neither Brian nor myself are good with tools, it may be time to bust out the high heels and nails again... I'll share pics as soon as the new pieces are situated.

Monday, August 24, 2009

You know it's going to be an interesting day when...

You get to work, only to find out your Spanx are on inside out. Oops.

Wendy B. A blogger by any other name just isn't the same.

And, I have a feeling Wendy would tell you that, just in case I was not clear enough for you. Not a Wendy Brandes devotee? I'd correct that if I were you.

By following Wendy Brandes you will:

A) Get to experience some first rate styling

B) Live vicariously through her as she breezes through her very posh lifestyle with uber cool peeps she runs around with

C) Learn many new ways to express yourself, some of which may or may not involve implied violence ie: Wendy will slit a b$#@* who doesn't follow her.

D) Find new ways to incorporate the "F' word into your life

And much, much more. And the good thing is that Wendy is in it for the long haul, not just some fly by night blogger who will get you hooked and then leave you hanging.

And Oh, Want to be Soooo Jealous? Thought so. I got the Wendy Brandes Seal of Approval. Oh snap! Sit back in your chairs, O Jealous Ones and feast your eyes. Enjoy, and thank you Wendy! There will be a short question and answer ceremony after the presentation. This, just so you know is the presentation so feel free to ask any questions you may have now.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

You're a jerk

OK. Have you HEARD this song? I heard it for the first time Friday night on my way to pick up my friend Joe for yet another fun Katie and Joe night. I love this song! Hey, when I grow up, you'll be the first to know.

New Boyz= My new fave (Other than the new Black Eyed Peas cd- The ENTIRE cd is great. ENTIRE)

Friday, August 21, 2009

For real, how cute is she?

Today was Caroline's "meet and greet" for Kindergarten to get the kids familiar with the building and people before school starts next week. I'm pretty impressed with myself- I didn't cry. I think the real tears will come next week, when Tessa starts school. Her SENIOR year. How, how did this happen?

On deck for this weekend:

The Dress for Success Roaring 20's themed party- Check out my super cute headband from Etsy!
Our annual Back to School Fashion Show! I make Tessa do this for me every year. This will be the first year Caroline gets to be a "real" participant. We have music and everything. What just hit me is that this will be Tessa's last time doing the fashion show.

Now, I am crying.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hump day!

OK, so who else is ready for the weekend? So, my brain does not often shut down, which is not really a good thing, as I am usually thinking of something RIDICULOUS instead of something that will make a difference in the world.....
Anyway, once a year my company has a meeting for all of the managers we work with. I'm in a pretty female dominated business, and it is a pretty fun time. The other day I was driving home thinking about our meeting and had what I thought was a BRILLIANT idea. (Cause I'm known for those.) The way our company is set up is that half of us are overseen by one person, half of us by another. We can have a tug of war. And my oh-so-enlightening idea was that while it's fun to play on one side or another, we all meet in the middle in the end. OK, so maybe not my best idea ever, but hey, I'm just loopy enough to call the president of my company (one half of the tug of war scenario) and tell her this plan o' mine. (Trust me, she has had eight years of this from me, so I feel pretty comfortable sharing this with her.)
So, after having a good laugh at my general silly-ness and deciding that tug of war for a group of over 50 (mainly girls, ladies, whatever) in high heels and business apparel was maybe not going to happen I made a counter offer.
Dancing. I mean, for real, if ellen can do it, why can't we?
So, here were my proposals:
Crank That-Soulja Boy
Cupid Shuffle- Now, what I love about this is that Cupid did an instructional video on this. Love him! The Cupid Shuffle is foolproof! And, Cupid Shuffle brings back fun memories for me. Last summer, we went to my husbands high school reunion. Before their party got really, really fun I wandered into the party in the banquet room next door. I could hear their music and people laughing. It sounded like SO MUCH FUN. Being me, I opened up the door and walked in. EVERY head turned in my direction. I guess I was a pretty noticeable party crasher, as I was the youngest person there and the only white girl in the room. But let me tell you, I was invited in just in time to do the Cupid Shuffle at the 50th wedding anniversary party of one of the most fun families ever!
Which dance would you choose?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

You never know who you'll meet online...

When I started blogging, I really never expected anyone to read and comment, except for my friend Jordan, who was the first person I ever showed my blog to. (Which was only in response to hers in an "If you can do it, I can do it too" attitude.) And granted, my first ever "comments" came from friends and neighbors, AFTER I emailed them the link to my blog. After looking back through, my first ever "comment" from someone I didn't know was in August 2007. It's funny to think I've been blogging about next to nothing for so long! I've traded books, cosmetic tips and recipes with some of you. General life encouragement from others. And yet, I'm STILL amazed when someone comments. I always wonder "How in the heck did they find me?"

Back on track Katie, get back on track...

So today I had an exciting surprise at my front door. A present! From a fellow blogger! My list of blogs I tend to follow is about as wide and varied as... well, my blog I suppose! Jewish Girl in Wasps Clothing recently had a fun idea to have a "Monogram Swap." Now tell me, how is a girl like me supposed to pass something like this up? Picking out a present? Shopping online? Shipping it? Getting assigned a partner? I was in like flynn! Along with something crazy like 50 other people!

So ladies, meet my Monogram Swapper- Marian. It was fun to get assigned someone who is getting ready to embark on a new life and marriage. I'm not going to tell you what I sent her, as that is her surprise, but I sure can show you what she sent me! Thank you Marian! It was so fun to get this in the mail. The funny thing is, I almost did a cosmetic bag as well. How funny would that have been?

Monday, August 17, 2009 - The best book I've read in a while

I cried. Like a baby. Sometimes Mine by Martha Moody. I was browsing on Barnes and Noble last night for something to read. Was feeling a bit frustrated at the lack of offerings that interested me. Somehow, Sometimes Mine caught my eye. Had Brian go pick it up for me (Thank you, Brian) and got started. I was interested to see that the author, Martha Moody is from Ohio, and that the book was based in Columbus. I was interested to read the book, figuring that maybe there would be some areas of the book I would be familiar with. I was not expecting this book to be such a moving love story. And not your typical love story, but still one that moved me and made me cry nonetheless. Want to know what I did as soon as I finished? Had Barnes and Noble hold her other two books for me to get started on. Want to know what I'm doing next? Going to her website to email her about how much I loved this book.

Now, who wants to read it next? Email me.
*Sad note for me- Martha Moody just wrapped up a writing class. Three days ago. Aargh.

Pitbull- I'll see you in Miami...

OK, maybe not. But I wish. But for real; I have been waiting on the new cd release, even though my car has no working cd player. I drive with my laptop in my car playing cd's. Yes, I know I am a loser. It's kind of like a reverse boom-box. You got something to say about that? Didn't think so. My Pandora account (If you don't use Pandora, you totally should, it's free and the best) has a Pitbull station, and so does my Blackberry.

Pitbull. I love you. I won't be at the Miami release party, but I will be at the Cleveland show. I already have my room and tickets. I'll be the girl who is ridiculously out of place. See you there. And don't worry, I won't bring Michael Vick.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Weekend read...

I enjoyed this a lot. I won't divulge too much, but it is the tale of two married couples and traces their relationships back with one another to their grade school days. A very good read by an author I have never read before but am looking forward to reading again in the future.

If anyone would like this book, just let me know and I'll get it out this week.

Also, I just got April and Oliver back from my mother in law and would be happy to pass this along as well. Again, it was a good read, and a surprising one at times throughout the book. A bit dark, but good.
I like how the colors of these two covers compliment one another. It was not intended by me, but I did notice it when I posted the pics. Very soothing palettes for me.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

This is not a paid endorsement...


I'm pretty fiercely independent. Fiercely and fantastically so. To the point where it pains me to ask a favor of another person. I just have this belief that it is not up to anyone other than myself to take care of me. (I grew up most of my life with a single mother, and moved many,many times over the years and had it drummed into my head that I could always count on myself, even when I could not count on anyone else. I also spent many years as a single mother after being divorced.) For some reason, I delight in showing myself what I am capable of, whether it is changing the headlight in my car, or cooking a new dish. And it does not have to be something I do on a regular basis, as long as I show myself I can do it once, I'm pretty pleased. Right or wrong, I hope I pass this trait on to my daughters, just maybe not to the same extreme.

All joking aside, my Volvo is the stuff headaches are made of. If something can go wrong with a car, it will go wrong with this car. So when my car would not start Tuesday, I did not call my husband, and I did not call a friend. I called the people I knew would make it all okay.

I called them knowing from experience what their first question would be.

Are you in a safe location?

I called them knowing they would help me, and that their service technicians would give me good advice. They would not treat me as a woman who does not know about cars. They understand that I have a family, and that I would like to get home to them safely. They understand when I let my membership lapse, and they help me renew and get going again. They send me a fun travel magazine. (I like little perks.) They help me get into the car when I am locked out of it. I've watched one of my cars leave on the back of their flatbed trucks, and had it returned to me the very next day, ready to go again.

For all of the services provided to me with my AAA membership, I can not even begin to place a dollar amount on the value of their first question, each and every time I call them.

Are you in a safe location?

Thank you, AAA.

*I can tell you what gift my daughters will get when they have a drivers license. Membership does have it's privileges.

Friday, August 14, 2009


For months, OK, a year and a half now (since my husband found out I spent the equivalent of a new Lexus shopping) I have been so much better about not looking at catalogs that come in the mail. I've done a VERY good job of reducing temptation. But today, oh Sephora, you got me. You really got me.

The Temptu. I know I want it. I kind of even have talked myself into needing it. OK. Maybe it is a want. But, I can justify this as a need. Maybe even an investment.

I spend on average $40 every few months for foundation. Maybe this is excessive, but I am a snot about cosmetics. So sue me. And I never seem to love any of them, and only a few have made it to round two, and only one made it to round three. So if I am spending on average $240 per year trying to find a foundation I love and that works for me, why not spend the $225 on the Temptu? I'm so "tempted" by this product that I might actually (gasp) go into the store to try it versus just order it online. Although I am sad because I love getting my three free samples from Sephora when I place my order. Hmmm.....

Has anyone used this or have a friend who has? Tell me about it ladies, because I am pretty impulsive and will wind up buying this in the next couple of days unless someone tells me otherwise...

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Lost in translation...

What he said: Is she going to get a bath tonight? (Meaning our 5 year old)
What I take it to mean: Are you inquiring as to whether or not I will be bathing her? Because I am pretty sure you have the same access to the tub, shampoo and soap that I do and are welcome to bathe her.

What he said: These floors sure could be cleaned.
What I take it to mean: Yes, they sure could. You are welcome to clean them.

What he said: Are you going to clean the trashcan this weekend?
What I take it to mean: Do you mean while you are going on a golf trip with your buddies for three days while I am here working my full time job and being in charge of a five year old? No, I did not plan to clean the trash can this weekend but seeing as how it is Wednesday you can get a jump on things and clean it today. I did not notice any warnings on it that stated: DO NOT CLEAN TODAY.

What he said: Is she going to bed soon?
What I take it to mean: We are in the same time zone, and the door to the bedroom is not locked. Therefore; you are welcome to put her to bed.

Conflict resolution. My specialty. Communication is key. I lose my keys often. Want more on how I handle conflict in my life? Check out this oldie but goody.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Not too

I'll never figure out why Shabby Apple does not get more press. Have you ever SEEN how cute their dresses are? I love them! I have never had a bad experience when ordering from Shabby Apple. So when I was looking for a dress to wear to the Dress For Success Cocktails for a Cause event I turned to Shabby Apple. The event is a Roaring 20's theme. My dress I selected may not perfectly fit the mark, but I love it and with the quality of Shabby Apple I know it will perfectly fit me! And combined with my super fun and flirty headpiece PLUS extra fun date Joe I know we are going to have fun! (Joe, Brian thanks you for being my arm-candy. He bought my dress for me just so he did not have to go!)

If you are interested in purchasing from Shabby Apple and have never done so let me know. If I email them your information they will email you a 20% off code to use for your first purchase.

And if you live in the Columbus area, check out the Dress for Success event. Too fun!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I've seen better days.

Welcome home. Back to reality. Due to the complete and total lack of confidence I have in the Volvo, I decided to rent a car to go visit Jordan in Missouri. Thank God I did. Today after work (a travel day an hour away from home) I went out to start my car. Only my car would not start. Less than 48 hours after turning in my rental car my car needs a new battery. For all of my comments about driving my car until the bottom drops out I was not prepared for how crappy it would feel to be stranded in a city where I know no one. At the end of a work day. When all I want to do is go home. And feeling SO CLOSE to being ready to buy a new car, but not quite ready. The goal was to pay cash and not have a car payment. My reward for myself for dealing with the Volvo for so long was that I was going to get a car I LOVED, and not a car I settled for, or was fine with. It was going to be a car that would perfectly compliment my mid-life crisis I am smack dab in the middle of. Unfortunately, the Volvo and I did not compare savings accounts and payment status before it decided to conk out on me. But in the hour it took AAA to get to me, I did check out used cars online and found some that would work and keep me payment free.
Option #1- Brian thinks I am crazy, but I am a firm believer in "signs." I think it is a sign that the picture of the dash on the car displays my favorite radio station. I'm going to drive the car this weekend.
Option #2- I'm not as excited for this. But, I have a feeling I could be. We used to have this same car before the Volvo.
Option #3- Keep saving and don't make any hasty decisions.
Option #4- Revert to Option #1 while contemplating what the f*#k to do about this. Enjoy some music at home, as somehow my car stereo won't even play ANYTHING now. But it does have some fun symbols that flash on the screen. Just no music. (Did I mention Option #1)

Monday, August 10, 2009

Back to the drawing board...

This may officially be my most inappropriate blog post, but here goes. So, I'm driving home from Missouri and thinking about what I would title my book. Keep in mind, this book is not written. You know, just in case anyone was about to storm Barnes and Noble for a copy of it, or invite me to do a book signing or present my book to their book club. I'm not even sure what I want to write about. I have no specific areas of expertise (other than online shopping) nor do I have any information that other people really want or need. But I do think I am humorous. Humor has worked for other people, so why not me?

As I cruise along 70 East, it hits me. And even as I thought of what to title my book, I knew it would never fly, as I could never shame my daughters in such a way. But at the same time, I knew that my title should be catchy.

Now, Tori Spelling was able to capitalize on her name, and came up with So NoTORIous. I'm pretty sure no one wants to read about me sKATE-ing through my life. Which means I still need a catchy title.

Which leads me to.... Around the World in 80 Lays. Admit it, it's catchy. Now, here are some problems with this title.

1) I just got my passport a few months ago, and have not been around the world.

2) I've only left the US to go to Canada and Mexico. Mexico was with my very protective parents, Canada has been either trips with girlfriends or my husband. Enough said there.

3) When I told my husband my grand idea, one eyebrow went up, one stayed down.

4) The title is taken. Someone beat me to it.

I knew if I could commiserate with anyone, it would be aspiring author Belette. You know what? She was kind enough to provide me with a few alternatives.

1) Around the world with Frito Lay- Now, this I like. I could totally see myself on a road trip in a car filled with all sorts of chips. Maybe Ponch could come along.

2) Around the world with 18 Daves. - Man, I was already married to one Dave. Not sure how I would get along with 18 of them, especially as the first one and I had trouble getting along in the states of Ohio and Indiana let alone the world.

3) Around the world with 80 gays- This one is my favorite. Now I just need to organize a sign up sheet and find my cast and crewmates.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Well, she's going to be all right...

When my friend Jordan moved to Columbia Missouri earlier this summer, I was worried about her. Her husband would be working non-stop as a resident at a hospital, leaving her to fend for herself in the quest for new friends and building a new life as well as raise their small daughter Adalynn. It is hard to have a friend move so far away, and not to be able to see for yourself that they are fine. In Jordan's case, better than fine. As long as I have been friends with Jordan and Jeremy it has just been in my nature to want to take care of them. They are such a young darling family, and such a long way from the familiarities of home as well as family and friends. Upon arrival in Missouri it was very clear I need not have worried. I am so used to Jordan living in an 800 square foot apartment, with two bathrooms and neighbors down stairs. Not anymore. Jordan and Jeremy have bought a beautiful brand new home, furnished it and painted it custom colors. It feels like the perfect little home for their growing family. I am so very proud of them, and feel more comfortable about their move now. They own matching hand towels and everything. So grown up! I do regret to say that my high hopes of having Tessa love Mizzou may not pan out. It was 90 degrees out, and humid as hell. We did not spent much time on campus as it was not bearable to be out in the heat. We'll see. I think next weekend we may be off to see Elon, in North Carolina. At some point we need to settle on a school. As I prepare to leave Missouri I can only say that I feel better about leaving my friend here. I know she will be fine, I know she will thrive. Her new friendships may not be the same as the old, but I know they will be fruitful and fun for her. And I know that I can always come to visit. It appears my work here is done...

Friday, August 7, 2009

Home is where the heart is...

One of my favorite bloggers, La Belette Rouge has been writing (and having guest postings) about home. What defines home. What makes home feel like... home. And as I embark on my mother/daughters road trip to Missouri and get ready to drive through Indiana I can't help but think of "home." Indiana to me is home. Always will be. Interestingly enough, I was not born in Indiana, nor did I live there before I entered middle school. In reality, I only lived in Indiana for maybe 9 out of my almost 38 years. I've lived in Ohio for far more years, but whenever I cross the state line into Indiana I feel at home. I get almost giddy with excitement. Yet I have no family I visit in Indiana, and the only reason I wind up back there is for work. Last week, I was driving for work to a property in Lima Ohio and wound up taking the same route I used to take to go back home to visit Fort Wayne Indiana. I have not made that trip in 11 years but still, the route was instantly familiar. Odd. To me, home is where I feel comfortable. It is where my children are. It is where my friends are. At the end of a long day, it is where my books are. My comfortable, familiar things. On vacation, it is where my suitcase is. For me, home is always where my heart is, which is something I take with me everywhere I go.
*For those of you who are not familiar with Belette, simply click on her name to get to her blog. Raw, tender, witty Belette. Just don't leave me in the lurch when you fall in love with her.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Road trip to the Show Me state...

For those of you not up on your geography lessons, that would be Missouri. Caroline, Tessa and I are headed off on a trip to see Jordan and fam. Can you say excited? Although I may have lost my marbles as I am driving. 8 1/2 hours. Dear God, I hope we don't have any Clark Griswold episodes. I have the Garmin packed, Map Quest directions printed and Caroline's beloved Nintendo DS. My new Blakcberry and Tessa's Ipod and we should be good to go.

Missouri holds a special place in my heart. My uncle was the Monsignor at the Old Cathedral in St. Louis until he reached mandatory retirement age. If you are not familiar with it, the church sits under the St. Louis Arch. I would venture to guess that I was the only kid I knew who spent part of her summer vacation each year staying at a church rectory, but I wouldn't trade it for anything. The views from the church are spectacular, and I got to go to tons of Cardinals baseball games. Spent many summer days walking around Lacledes Landing. After I graduated from high school I decided to hop in my car and drive to Columbia Missouri to see the University of Missouri. Loved it. Cried when I realized I had missed my chance to apply and attend. With any luck, maybe Mizzou will be the school for Tessa. Fingers crossed! When I was older, I would walk arount The Loop hoping to run into Nelly. Never happened.
Tessa and I spent our first mother/daughter vacation in Missouri the summer before she started kindergarten. This will be Caroline's last vacation before she starts school. Ah, old memories and new memories. Should be a good time.
Jordan: Can't wait to see you! Fair warning- Caroline wants a pedicure, complete with flowers.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Just when my creative juices were not flowing...

I got a sweet note passing along a Kreativ Blogger award from Shop Kim. Which could not have come at a better time because:

1) It gives me a chance to link to Kim's blog and show off her oh-so-cute rings from her Etsy shop

2) I have been traveling like a nutjob for work and needed something to re-energize me

3) My creative cup seems to have runneth dry. I've got nothing people. Nothing I tell ya.

4) I get to pass this along to some other bloggers. It's always fun to share the love.

So here goes:

1) The Cute on the Cheap girls- Ally, does this count as a wedding gift or do I really need to pony up and get my butt to a store?

2) Fab Finds Under 50- Kimberly, Thank you for promoting the Swap N Shop for me! *Little known fact in case anyone cares: Kimberly was the first IRL blogger I met. (Ally was the 2nd)

3) My Blonde Reality- Just found your blog recently and am having fun reading it!

4) Escaping The Single Life- My new "swap" buddy assigned to me by JGIWC- How fun is that?

5) Tru Thoughts- Gotta love a girl named Presious. I dare you not to.

6) Cake Wrecks- A few reasons to check this blog out: Cakes. Yum. Cakes gone wrong: Funny. This girl (points at self) has a short story/blip/what-have-you in the Cake Wrecks book coming out this fall. Mmm hmmm. Other than the time I was on Hard Copy for a hot minute (yeah, that's right) this may be my moment of glory.

Once upon a time...

There was a little girl who loved to read books. Loved to read. She spent countless hours laying under the covers in bed with a flashlight reading Trixie Belden books after bedtime, much to her mother's dismay. Trixie Belden was ballsy and fierce before we realized how cool it was to be those things. Going to run errands in the car? Bring a book. Class time? Hidden book. Vacation? Pack many books. Books have been a constant in my life. I would spend my last money on books. When I was pregnant with my first daughter I played books on tape to my belly. And let me tell you, she is a reader. I did not do the same with my second daughter, but she does have quite the impressive book collection and loves to read as well. I read on average 3-5 books per week, and my tastes are way varied.
Well, my friend Joe (who gets more press on here lately than I even know what to do with) told me about the National Book Festival in Washington DC. Um, have you SEEN the list of authors appearing? MAJOR AUTHORS!
Kate DiCamillo (Writes my daughters favorite series)
Judy Blume- Got me through my teenage years
Jodi Piccoult and Nicholas Sparks- Make me feel insightful
James Patterson- Thriller royalty to me
I can't wait!!!!! Guess we all know where I will be at the end of September!!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Can someone please tell me why...

On my front porch, there are two lights. The lighbulbs never burn out at the same time. Yet, when one burns out, I go ahead and replace both of them. So if they are both getting equal usage, and both get replaced at the same time why do they not burn out at the same time?

Monday, August 3, 2009

Weekend wrap up (Including a recipe for home-made syrup!)

As much as I love travel and fun, I really, really enjoy a low key weekend. Especially after a hectic week, and knowing I have a few action packed weekends coming my way for the remainder of the summer.

Saturday was Ashley's baby shower, which was so nice to be a part of. I have a group of girls that have been so kind to include me in their lives, especially as I am a good 10+ years older than they are! They always send me home feeling so refreshed and usually with a new recipe or idea that I want to try. This excursion was no exception. Thanks to Laura Lee I have a new (not that I had an old one) recipe for syrup. In a million years it would never have occurred to me to make homemade syrup! But I did! And it was awesome! So hopefully I don't get in trouble, but I'm going to share Laura Lee's recipe for homemade syrup. On the way home from the baby shower Caroline and I decided to stop off at the Grandview Farmers Market. Bought myself some GORGEOUS flowers. In the background of the photo, you may notice artwork by one of my favorite artists, Chris Plummer. This was my first "real" piece of art, and it took me a year to decide to spend the money. I now own three of his pieces! Also proudly featured on my mantle (and several other places in my home) are candles from The Candle Lab. If you live in the Columbus area, this is a MUST on your list of places to go. It's a great experience to go in there and create your own custom scented candles. You can even host a private party there! Wrapped up the weekend by harvesting (yeah, right) banana peppers from our garden. I don't know why but I get a kick out of seeing stuff grow in the small 10x5 garden behind our garage.

Laura Lee's AWESOME syrup:
Melt 1/2 cup of butter
After butter is melted add:
1 cup sugar
1/2 cup buttermilk
1 tsp. corn syrup
1/2 tsp. baking soda

Boil and stir constantly for five minutes. After cooking, add 1 tsp vanilla.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

What I read this weekend...

Shanghai Girls by Lisa See. I absolutely loved this book. It is the tale of two sisters growing up in China and their eventual departure from their lives as pampered daughters to arranged marriages and life in the U.S. Their lives are chronicled through their teenage years through their lives as adults and the struggles they go through as they acclimate to their new lives and challenges they face.

I'm mailing books out to several people tomorrow, and as always am more than happy to pass one more along. If anyone wants this book just let me know!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Coolio!

Love this guy. Just love him. Enjoy a little Coolio on his special day! If you've never seen his show Cooking With Coolio you can catch it here.

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