Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hump day!

OK, so who else is ready for the weekend? So, my brain does not often shut down, which is not really a good thing, as I am usually thinking of something RIDICULOUS instead of something that will make a difference in the world.....
Anyway, once a year my company has a meeting for all of the managers we work with. I'm in a pretty female dominated business, and it is a pretty fun time. The other day I was driving home thinking about our meeting and had what I thought was a BRILLIANT idea. (Cause I'm known for those.) The way our company is set up is that half of us are overseen by one person, half of us by another. We can have a tug of war. And my oh-so-enlightening idea was that while it's fun to play on one side or another, we all meet in the middle in the end. OK, so maybe not my best idea ever, but hey, I'm just loopy enough to call the president of my company (one half of the tug of war scenario) and tell her this plan o' mine. (Trust me, she has had eight years of this from me, so I feel pretty comfortable sharing this with her.)
So, after having a good laugh at my general silly-ness and deciding that tug of war for a group of over 50 (mainly girls, ladies, whatever) in high heels and business apparel was maybe not going to happen I made a counter offer.
Dancing. I mean, for real, if ellen can do it, why can't we?
So, here were my proposals:
Crank That-Soulja Boy
Cupid Shuffle- Now, what I love about this is that Cupid did an instructional video on this. Love him! The Cupid Shuffle is foolproof! And, Cupid Shuffle brings back fun memories for me. Last summer, we went to my husbands high school reunion. Before their party got really, really fun I wandered into the party in the banquet room next door. I could hear their music and people laughing. It sounded like SO MUCH FUN. Being me, I opened up the door and walked in. EVERY head turned in my direction. I guess I was a pretty noticeable party crasher, as I was the youngest person there and the only white girl in the room. But let me tell you, I was invited in just in time to do the Cupid Shuffle at the 50th wedding anniversary party of one of the most fun families ever!
Which dance would you choose?


presious said...

Oh my goodness! LOL! You are hilarious, girl! You have courage! walk into someone else party?! You go girl!! LOL! What's so cool about it is that they invited you in to have a ball with them!

That story alone is reason enough to have the Cupit Dance!...I love it! How many people get to have that kind of fun at work?!

I say do it!

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