Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Just when my creative juices were not flowing...

I got a sweet note passing along a Kreativ Blogger award from Shop Kim. Which could not have come at a better time because:

1) It gives me a chance to link to Kim's blog and show off her oh-so-cute rings from her Etsy shop

2) I have been traveling like a nutjob for work and needed something to re-energize me

3) My creative cup seems to have runneth dry. I've got nothing people. Nothing I tell ya.

4) I get to pass this along to some other bloggers. It's always fun to share the love.

So here goes:

1) The Cute on the Cheap girls- Ally, does this count as a wedding gift or do I really need to pony up and get my butt to a store?

2) Fab Finds Under 50- Kimberly, Thank you for promoting the Swap N Shop for me! *Little known fact in case anyone cares: Kimberly was the first IRL blogger I met. (Ally was the 2nd)

3) My Blonde Reality- Just found your blog recently and am having fun reading it!

4) Escaping The Single Life- My new "swap" buddy assigned to me by JGIWC- How fun is that?

5) Tru Thoughts- Gotta love a girl named Presious. I dare you not to.

6) Cake Wrecks- A few reasons to check this blog out: Cakes. Yum. Cakes gone wrong: Funny. This girl (points at self) has a short story/blip/what-have-you in the Cake Wrecks book coming out this fall. Mmm hmmm. Other than the time I was on Hard Copy for a hot minute (yeah, that's right) this may be my moment of glory.


presious said...


Thank you soooo much! That was my first time getting one! I am ecstatic! I couldn't really figure it out...such a dip sometimes...LOL! Did the best I could.

I so appreciate it!

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