Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Not too

I'll never figure out why Shabby Apple does not get more press. Have you ever SEEN how cute their dresses are? I love them! I have never had a bad experience when ordering from Shabby Apple. So when I was looking for a dress to wear to the Dress For Success Cocktails for a Cause event I turned to Shabby Apple. The event is a Roaring 20's theme. My dress I selected may not perfectly fit the mark, but I love it and with the quality of Shabby Apple I know it will perfectly fit me! And combined with my super fun and flirty headpiece PLUS extra fun date Joe I know we are going to have fun! (Joe, Brian thanks you for being my arm-candy. He bought my dress for me just so he did not have to go!)

If you are interested in purchasing from Shabby Apple and have never done so let me know. If I email them your information they will email you a 20% off code to use for your first purchase.

And if you live in the Columbus area, check out the Dress for Success event. Too fun!


jill said...

my daughter has the gumballs dress and i think it is the china doll dress. very reasonably priced dresses and great quality. i might have to order myself one!

presious said...

Ok, can we get some pictures please? :). Sounds like it was a fun event!

KT said...

Presious, the event is next week, and my dress is being shipped (I mostly shop online as I think I have real-people phobia and an addiction to having stuff delivered to my door) but yes, I will take pix and post!

Sara said...

OOH! Love the dress. Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

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