Thursday, August 13, 2009

Lost in translation...

What he said: Is she going to get a bath tonight? (Meaning our 5 year old)
What I take it to mean: Are you inquiring as to whether or not I will be bathing her? Because I am pretty sure you have the same access to the tub, shampoo and soap that I do and are welcome to bathe her.

What he said: These floors sure could be cleaned.
What I take it to mean: Yes, they sure could. You are welcome to clean them.

What he said: Are you going to clean the trashcan this weekend?
What I take it to mean: Do you mean while you are going on a golf trip with your buddies for three days while I am here working my full time job and being in charge of a five year old? No, I did not plan to clean the trash can this weekend but seeing as how it is Wednesday you can get a jump on things and clean it today. I did not notice any warnings on it that stated: DO NOT CLEAN TODAY.

What he said: Is she going to bed soon?
What I take it to mean: We are in the same time zone, and the door to the bedroom is not locked. Therefore; you are welcome to put her to bed.

Conflict resolution. My specialty. Communication is key. I lose my keys often. Want more on how I handle conflict in my life? Check out this oldie but goody.


Polly said...

ohhhh I know this story.

ShopKim said...

Aren't men such treasures sometimes??

TracyH said...

Oh I am so glad you wrote about this. I thought I was the only one that had these translation issues. Thanks for the laugh!!

presious said...


This is such a man! You are so normal. Sorry, but you are. They really don't get it.

Always remember, men are little boys in a man's body. They are truly an additional child. No one explains this to us 'before' we get!

Was married 10 and half years. He's remarried and he stills says "Yes dear" to!

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