Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Random stuff on a Tuesday

*My sweet girl, off to school. Sigh...

Next up, Tessa. Senior year. I think I need to make an appointment with my colorist.

*Meet Louie. Louie is the dog that could have been. On Sunday, one of my properties had a pet fair with the local animal shelter. It was a nice event, and several dogs found new homes. Had my husband gone for it (And trust me, I called him) this lovely dog Louie would have come home with us. Good news is that he went to a co-worker.

*Today and tomorrow are travel days for me for work. I'm too tired and too lazy to pack, so I've decided to just buy something to wear while I'm out of town. Is that terrible? Or to be expected from me?

*Things are getting out of hand on the Pepsi front. I've taken to bringing a 2 litre to my desk and just drinking directly from it. Nice. Classy. Shameful. I have GOT to get off the sauce.
*Lost my Louboutins. For real. Who the HELL misplaces a $700 pair of shoes? Aargh. Last time I saw them was when I packed them for Beyonce. Maybe Beyonce stole my Loubies???
*My husband was riding my bike (A super sweet Trek road racing bike) and it broke. As in- BROKE. Not the chain fell off, no. It basically broke in half. All I can say is "waaah" because it won't be cheap to repair or to replace. I stand a higher chance of replacing the lost Loubies.
*And again, just to clarify, you do know I went to work with my Spanx on inside out yesterday?
*Did I mention I need a manicure? I have two people I am interviewing tomorrow. I'm sure I will look impressive with chipped nails. I'm sure that just screams YES, YOU SHOULD TRUST ME IN A SUPERVISORY SITUATION. LOOK HOW WELL I CAN MANAGE MY OWN GROOMING. DID YOU KNOW I WENT TO WORK WITH MY UNDERGARMENTS ON INSIDE OUT? Some days, I think I am a female version of Michael Scott. I can tell you two people who would vouch for me on that.
* I am in the process of re-arranging my "artwork" I have a few new pieces done by a good friend and want to incorporate them into my home. Seeing as how neither Brian nor myself are good with tools, it may be time to bust out the high heels and nails again... I'll share pics as soon as the new pieces are situated.


V said...

You are too freaking funny, KT! I love that you compare yourself to Michael Scott, drink out of the bottle of Pepsi and hammer a nail with your heel! I hope you do find those Loubies though!

Kimberly said...

Girl, you make me chuckle with every post! As for hanging art work - I use Hercules Hooks and absolutely adore them! Every single piece of art at our homestead is hung with one and the best part is no shoes will be harmed. http://www.herculeshook.com/

As for the Loubies - you gotta be freakin' kidding me!!! So sad! :-(

presious said...

You are having a bit of a time these days little lady. It's ok. We all go through it. Besides, it's your Pepsi bottle, drink as you please. Not everyone is able to travel and purchase their clothes when they arrive...LOL! I say do it!

You baby girl is absolutely adorable! Everything else might me a tad haywire but your are doing very well with your kids :). Looks like she's off to a good start.

Love the dog. Glad he went to a good home. Don't regret it. As cute as he is, he would have been one more mouth to feed and take care of in your busy schedule.

Go find those Loubies!

Sara said...

You make me dizzy!!
Caroline looks so grown up with her hair pulled back! We start school tomorrow. I hope she has a wonderful school year! Tessa too!

Ally said...

Oh geeze, KT.

Caroline looks soooooooooo cute. How'd the first day go?!

Sara said...

Caroline is too cute!

Make sure when you buy your travel outfit, you hit up Walmart - you know, just in case you happen to leave your clothes lying around somewhere too.

If I owned a pair of Loubies, you'd probably have to pry them off my cold dead feet! So sad, so sad.

Polly said...

Awww Caroline is just adorable, she looks so grown up. And I am still giggling away at you drinking out of the pepsi bottle with your chipped nails, tres glamorous!!! (Although I don't believe you one little bit!!)
I hope you find your Loubies....that would send me into a cold cold sweat.

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