Friday, August 21, 2009

For real, how cute is she?

Today was Caroline's "meet and greet" for Kindergarten to get the kids familiar with the building and people before school starts next week. I'm pretty impressed with myself- I didn't cry. I think the real tears will come next week, when Tessa starts school. Her SENIOR year. How, how did this happen?

On deck for this weekend:

The Dress for Success Roaring 20's themed party- Check out my super cute headband from Etsy!
Our annual Back to School Fashion Show! I make Tessa do this for me every year. This will be the first year Caroline gets to be a "real" participant. We have music and everything. What just hit me is that this will be Tessa's last time doing the fashion show.

Now, I am crying.


Polly said...

awww I dread this day and its still 3 years away.

I love Etsy and I love that headband. I need to shop I think...

jill said...

you are going to have one heck of an exciting year! enjoy!

presious said...

Awwh! You have every right to cry. This is a huge transition, Kindergarten? :). She's a big girl now. Her first step into the world of education, with the exception of preschool.

And, at the other end of the spectrum, you have a senior! I guarantee you, you WILL cry by prom night!...LOL! Wait till you get both their school pictures!

Oh my goodness! The dam will definitely overflow! Stock up on the boxes of!

Have fun with it. You already sound quite busy.

presious said...

"Dress for Success" sounds like fun, fun, fun! Do it girl!!

Ally said...

Aww man. Just look at it this way: You're pretty much done w/Tessa and school and now get to do it alllllllllll over again with Caroline :)

I can't wait to see fashion show pics!

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