Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Volvo strikes again...

And this time I'm concerned. And annoyed.
Now, I am USED to the following from the Volvo:
1) Headlight with a gunshot in it
2) Center interior lights (including park, reverse and neutral) burnt out, making it hard to put the car into gear at night as I can't see.
3) Standing water in the car as the seals are bad and water leaks into the car during rain
4) No working radio
5) Spilled neon green paint in backseat of car
6) Drivers seat that is stuck in one position and will not move back and forth.
But this latest problem. Now THIS is a problem.
So I'm driving today and I hear a siren coming from behind. As a good, responsible driver I pull over. Yet when I look in my rear view mirror I see nothing. And I am now realizing the sound is more like a bullhorn coming from behind me and to the right. So I roll down my rear right hand window to see if I can tell where it is coming from. Ummm.... it appears to be coming from my own car. A bullhorn-type sound. And the sound does not stop. Until the car is in park. With the ignition turned off.

Friday, January 29, 2010

see blue...

Every time I have the television on it is like a big smack in the face of reality, and not the tv kind.
The "you're life is about to change drastically and your daughter is leaving for college in a matter of months and you thought you were ready and you're not" kind.
The University of Kentucky has a hot and heavy marketing campaign and seems to be spending a TON of money on television advertising, and they have a MAJOR "see blue" blitz going on. Blue and white are the UK colors, and they even sent us a Magic 8 ball in UK blue. with catchy little messages floating around inside.
And yes, of all of the schools Tessa is considering I do think UK is a great fit for her, but I really, really am not ready to let them (or any school) have her quite yet. Poor Tessa, I know she is sick of me trying to make her spend every possible minute with me, but I feel like I am on borrowed time with her.
Well, we are down to waiting to hear from two more schools, and one of them emailed last week to let us know that acceptance letters were being mailed today. Which leaves us with one to hear from. The last minute wrench that got thrown into the plan. St. John's University in New York. Yep. Last minute application to a school I never saw coming.
Oh boy. At least there is never a dull moment.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Might as well face it you're addicted to...your Snuggie!

OK. I am going to own up to it. I am in love with my Snuggie. So much so that I have a growing concern. What is going to happen when the weather warms up? I mean really, even I know it is not practical (or sane) to sit around in humid Ohio August weather wearing a Snuggie. So what's going to happen? Will people (I know I am not the only Snuggie devotee) just crank their air conditioners so that they can comfortably use their Snuggies? Are the makers of the Snuggie coming up with a light-weight warm weather Snuggie? Even though Tessa disagrees with me I can not be the only person thinking ahead about this and how to handle it. This is the kind of thing that could keep a girl up at night...

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Spare the rod...

And spoil the child, right? As Caroline's class is working on making their own proverbs this week this has been on my mind.
At what point are certain indulgences bad behavior on the part of the parent?
At which point is your child spoiled?
The thing is, as Tessa waits to hear about scholarships and decide about college it makes me even more lenient with Caroline.
They really go grow up SO FAST.
So what if I don't make Caroline finish EVERY BITE?
So what if I let her wear a mismatched outfit to school?
I mean really, at some point our children grow out of some of these behaviors, and at some point they don't want to be kissed and cuddled. I guess it is up to us individually to make some of these determinations.
Caroline will get to a certain age where she will eat all of her dinner, and if she doesn't she will go make herself a turkey sandwich or get a bowl of cereal.
And if she wears a mismatched outfit maybe she is just exhibiting her sense of self and not trying to be just like everyone else.
So be it.
And if I'm a little over-indulgent with my kids and trying to enjoy each and every moment so be that too.

*Caroline's proverb she made up at school: Never underestimate the power of...lava.
*Katie's proverb: All that glitters is...Mariah Carey
What's your proverb?

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Well. Doesn't it just figure. I'm in line at the grocery store checking out. And behind me in line is the guy who owns the salon where I used to get my hair colored at a cost of $80.00.
The problem with this scenario is I am buying hair color. Yep. It was me, L'Oreal Healthy Look and Tony the salon owner all in line.
And trust me, there was no comfortable way to say "So, if this doesn't work out so well I guess I'll be calling you."
Fingers crossed...
*If it doesn't work out I guess I always have my Anne Curry shades to hide behind.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

I'm like Cher coming out of retirement...

I guess that's what happens when you realize you still have a few things left you want to share in the blogging world. In a man's world, I think this would make me like Brett Favre.


So, at the end of each year we have money left over in our pre-tax spending medical account so we usually get a pair of prescription sunglasses. And this is always a BIG DEAL for me. What do I want my "look" for the year to be as I frame my face for the world to see?

I go to pick up my sunglasses and the girl at the place is FIRED UP. She says to me "Do you know these are the EXACT SAME SUNGLASSES ANN CURRY HAS?" I just looked at her. "YOU KNOW, FROM THE TODAY SHOW?"

Now, I don't have a problem with Ann Curry. I'm sure she is a nice enough person, talented and all that. But really? THIS is who I am now being compared to? I'm OK being age appropriate but damn. What's next? Cokie Roberts??? Couldn't she at least throw a little Jennifer Aniston my way?

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sometimes a long story can be a short one...

What to say when there is so much to say?
I have loved my little blog over the past few years. I really, really have.
Through blogging I have come into contact with so many amazing people. And while I don't know if I have touched your lives in any way, I can say you have touched mine.
I have constantly been amazed by the fact that people have read this blog, let alone commented or contacted me via email with words of encouragement, humor, support and shared stories.
The kindness of so many people has surprised me.
What seemed like silly blog awards to some meant a lot to me. It meant you were reading and caring. Encouraging me. Thank you.
Some of us have bonded over shopping. Recipes. Happiness and disappointments.
Some of you I have met in person. Some of you I can only hope to some day. Some of you feel like I imagine a sister might, if I had one.
And I can only thank you.
I will still follow your blogs, even as I bring mine to an end.
Thank you to those of you who have read my words and my stories. Followed my shopping tips or tried a recipe I have shared. Read a book I recommended. Followed the story of my family.
I hope I provided you with laughter and light heartedness when you needed it. The chance to laugh at some of my silly antics and maybe learn that it's OK to laugh at yourself.
From the bottom of my heart, and with much gratitude.
Thank you.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

My New Year with Kathy Griffin...

OK, maybe that is not accurate.

My first book of 2010.



Dry and witty.

Happy New Year from me and Kathy.

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