Saturday, May 29, 2010

What's a newly single girl to do?

Besides LOVE IT!
So, let me give you a run down of my first real Friday night alone (Brian's first "real" weekend being in "charge.")
What I'm so happy and thankful about is that people are not "pushing" me to do things. My friends have been very respectful of the fact that right now, I value my privacy and quiet time. I really just want to be with my girls, and get the new house to the point where it feels like home for us.
So. Back to Friday night. I was feeling a little excited and was planning on having a friend come over for a bit. Until I got home and discovered Quincy had FLEAS. And not a few. More like QUITE A FEW. Again, this is what I get for buying a house with three dogs, a cat and an overgrown never been weeded yard that resembled Wild Freaking Kingdom out there.
Fleas. Do you KNOW how hard I have worked on cleaning the new house? Having the hardwood floors re-done? Replacing ruined carpet? Taking money out of my retirement account to furnish it?
So. Back to Friday night. By 9 p.m. I am naked (whatever, freaks) in my bathroom giving my dog a flea bath. Did you even know how expensive flea shampoo is? I was so upset I bathed the poor guy twice in addition to having made an appointment for the morning for a flea bath at the vet.
By 9:30 I am in bed reading. No TV. Quietly.
I swear, I woke up smiling, fleas and all.


WendyB said...

Thanks for reminding me it's time to get the flea stuff!

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