Friday, December 5, 2008

Add this to my Christmas Wish List

A few years ago I happened upon an artist named Chris Plummer at our local arts festival. And I fell in love with his work. So occasionally I check his site to see what new pieces he has done. (I'm up to 3 now) and after seeing this now I would love to have 4 of his pieces. I hate to be redundant but please Santa baby?


La Belette Rouge said...

They don't look very happy in that painting. I hope that Santa makes you happy and delivers this too you on Christmas!:-)

KT said...

Belette- The people in his artwork always look a little hassled to me. Which only concerns me in the fact that I believe the art you like is supposed to speak to you so I'm not quite clear on the message. Or maybe I really am and I'm trying not to hear it. Deep, huh?

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