Thursday, December 25, 2008

A Christmas prediction...

Do you ever do something that you know in advance is going to be a bad decision but you do it anyway? Caroline knows that Marley and Me comes out today and wants to go see it. She has seen the previews so many times where Marley is hanging out of the car door walking along the road as Owen Wilson is driving and she thinks it is HI-larious. And like a ding dong I agreed to it. Even as I sit here with a 13 year old Golden Retriever on her second bout with cancer. I just know, I mean really really know it is a bad idea to take my four year old to see a movie on Christmas Day about a dog who dies. Crap. Merry Freaking Christmas. I'll have to remember to bring Kleenex. For both of us. Note to self: Go light on the eye make-up today. Tears are forthcoming.


La Belette Rouge said...

Thank you for warning me. I didn't know the dog dies. I must skip this. I will choose more light hearted fair and go see "Doubt".

Hope you, Caroline, and all of the famille K.T. had a fantastic Christmas.

KT said...

Belette, here is how we got through the movie- We left about 15 minutes early. Avoided most tears. It was a great movie and when we left Marley was still healthy. I have no problems with dealing with things this way! (But I did read the book and unfortunately Marley does die and it is terribly touching but extremely well written.)

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