Thursday, December 18, 2008

Buh-Bye World Series of Bunco...

So, now I guess it is time to face up to the fact that the economy is bad and that companies are cutting back. Sigh. Yesterday in my mailbox was a card from Proctor and Gamble letting me know that they are no longer able to sponsor the World Series of Bunco in Las Vegas (I'm not even joking) and have not been able to find other corporate sponsors. Seriously, I am sure there may be a few eye rolls over this but if you haven't played Bunco it really is fun. Get a group of girls together and play! It is my favorite thing I do each month and I really look forward to it. There are loads of websites that will explain the game for you, and it really is easy. To soften the blow P&G did send out free t-shirts to people!


La Belette Rouge said...

It seems that I may be the only woman in the world who has no idea what Bunco is. Is it the Bridge of our generation?

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