Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Duran Duran

Was AWESOME! I would rank the show right up there with my beloved Barry Manilow and Barenaked Ladies. I'm not sure how but after all these years they still have it! And just for the record:

THIS is Notorious

THIS is not

Just so we're all clear. Also, the crowd was a lot more normal than I was expecting. I was expecting a little bit more in the way of big hair and 80's-ness. The best we saw was a guy in front of us in a silver shirt. Good thing I didn't show up in leg warmers as I had hoped to...


Hillary said...

They were justin Houston this past weekend, but I didn't go. I used to looooooove John Taylor back in the day. I really thought we would get married one day. Glad you enjoyed the show. You prob still could have gotten away with leg warmers since they are back.

Jane said...

I saw Duran Duran twice in the 1980s at Manchester Apollo.
They were awesome then.
"Her name is Rio and she dance son the sand......
Ah that takes me back!!

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