Thursday, December 4, 2008

A very happy birthday

To my good friend TC. Let me tell you about TC. That guy has been my friend for years. We met when I (in a stunning blaze of ignorance) had an eye infection that became so bad my eye swelled shut. I had no eye doctor (I am terrified of all things medical unless anesthesia is involved) and wound up at a mall eye doctor. Which happened to be a young up and coming (later to be named Ohio's Young Optometrist of the Year this year and now a successfully self employed optometrist) who took great pity on me as I was having a rough time and did a great job of following up with me. When he finally got a hold of me to do said follow up I was at the Pottery Barn outlet shopping for furniture with two good eyes versus the one he had seen me with. From there we developed a great friendship which has lasted over 10 years now! He has taken me through KFC in a slightly drunken stupor, made me Kool Aid in a different drunken stupor and indulged me in a "Come on and bring all of your cd's into my house so I can dance" drunken stupor. And no, these were not all at the same time! He also patiently weathered Tessa's crush on him during elementary school when she pretended to not be able to see so she could have an appointment with him. He has since married so there is no future for TC and Tessa, and it turns out she can see just fine after all. He has seen me through multiple hair colors, several cell phone numbers, changes of address and who knows what else. He even let me pretend to be the eye doctor once at his practice... Don't worry, I didn't actually DO the eye exam but it was fun for a few minutes until I had to fess up that I was not indeed the eye doctor. So while I could mention good things about him all day long I will just settle for HAPPY BIRTHDAY TC! May you have many happy birthdays and may I have no more crazy eye infections! And hey, I hope you don't mind the photo-op. I figured it was better than the picture I have of us where I had hot-rollered blond hair and my sassy snakeskin pants from Guess?


Jane said...

Sounds like you have a very special friend there.

Trinette Hayslip said...

I have seen that picture and I agree, the one you chose was much more suited. Although, that hot red lipstick WAS hot.

La Belette Rouge said...

Really nice shout out to an obviously good friend. Nice!:-)

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