Friday, December 12, 2008

Greetings from sunny Florida!

So, Kass over at Always Dreaming was kind enough to pass along a blog award for me, which I will pass along to others. Yay! Thanks Kass! It is kind of funny to me, because I look at her blog, and while she is blogging about life in Florida I am sitting here in Ohio FREEZING! And I'm sorry it took me a bit to acknowledge this fun award, but here is a breakdown of the great week I've had:
Monday- Duran Duran
Tuesday- Bunco (I won a $20 Old Navy card!)
Wednesday- The Rockettes
Thursday- Recipe Club
Which leads me to today and a catch up day! Whew!
Here are a few blogs I enjoy reading each day:
La Belette Rouge- Very witty, sometimes painful but always honest
The Typing Makes Me Sound Busy- This girl CRACKS ME UP
Karen from Of A Certain Age- She got her photo taken on the new 90210 set. Lucky, right?
There are way more blogs I read each day but I wanted to pick some I've never mentioned, and all of the others are linked on my blog roll so make sure to enjoy them! And thanks again Kass! Happy Friday!


La Belette Rouge said...

Congratulations KT and your sunshine band. I am not sure what I mean by that. But, I see KT and sun and the next thing you know I am thinking of 1970's bands.;-)

Thank you so much for the very kind shout out. I will try to stay more on the wit and less on the pain, as long as that is how I honestly feel at the time.

I don't know "The Typing Makes Me Sound Busy." I look forward to reading a blog with the kind of review you gave hers.

Have a lovely weekend in freezing Ohio. I wish I was there!:-)

KT said...

belette- I admire you for all of the sharing you do. I think it is very brave to be so honest.

kass said...

aww, you're so cute! Though your trip to sunny Florida didn't turn out so well, eh? Stay warm! :)

Karen said...

Hi Sweetie, got the books, thank you! You are so thoughtful. Sorry I haven't had much for you to read though lately! I am out of gas I think. Got any ideas?

Happy Holidays to you and "the cutest kids ever."

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