Friday, December 26, 2008

The aftermath of the holidays

After Christmas I usually wind up in a frenzy of "get this crap out of here and let's get back to normal." As if "normal" doesn't involve lots of "stuff" either. Anyway. I can not stand to have a lot of "stuff" around. Our tree usually comes down Christmas day or the day after. No joke, I don't even have yearbooks or other mementos (at this Brian would say "Mentos?") most people have because I just don't like to deal with it. It just seems like a lot of hassle for me. So my way of dealing with it is to donate it, recycle it or throw it away. And of course today I am surrounded by mounds of plastic pieces of stuff and other various assorted holiday goodies. And I am going out of my head. I have already shopped all I can on the online sales and now I must tackle this stuff. Last night we hauled a bunch of stuff and pitched it in a dumpster. Whew. That makes me feel somewhat better. Poor Brian. I already told him I am cleaning everything with ammonia today just because it makes me feel a little better about things. If it smells clean, it must be clean and freakishly, I love the smell of ammonia. So now I will soldier onward and resist the siren call of the J Crew sale. (Only because I already shopped it. Twice. Sorry Brian.)


Hillary said...

Except for the online shopping part, I think Will would want me to be just like you.

KT said...

I am pretty sure Will got the better end of the deal than Brian did. I am pretty sure Brian has realized I seemed like a much better idea than I actually turned out to be by now! :)

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