Sunday, June 1, 2008

Caroline and Chelsea

I took Caroline to the Chelsea Handler book signing today. If you are a Chelsea fan, you know that she loves what she calls "little people" and has a "small person" Chuy who is her assistant. She calls him her little nugget. I was surprised at the huge turnout for the book signing and was lucky enough to be one of the people who got theirs done as Barnes & Noble passed out tickets and only a certain amount of people were able to get autographs done. When it was our turn Caroline went up with me and Chelsea called her "little nugget." It was so cute! I also got to take Caroline's picture with her.


Ally said...

I LOVE Chelsea Handler. Have you read either of her books? I read her first one in a couple of nights (very quick read) and have her newest one requested from the library. LOVE HER!

KT said...

I've read both of them. They are so funny! She is doing a show in West Virginia this fall and my friends and I already reserved a hotel room. She is AWESOME to see live!

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