Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My husband gets smarter with age

That is really a shameless plug for Brian's birthday (also the Olsen twins) which is later this week. This weekend is also his 20th class reunion. Anyway, here is how I know he is getting smarter. This morning I was feeling like I look pretty cute, but sometimes I have to search my own compliments out. I get smarter as I get older too, which means I don't wait for Brian to say something nice but then get my feelings hurt when he doesn't. I gently (not really) guide him towards my compliment. So I said "Don't I look cute today?" To which he replied that he thought I looked thin today. See how smart he is? Here are my cute orange shoes I am wearing which led to the compliment seeking exchange.


Ally said...

Thin or cute...hum...I'll take thin!! :) Love those shoes!

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