Monday, June 9, 2008

I just saved $736.00

Here is my $99 version (It was $220.00)

Here is the $1,195.00 version

I guess it depends on how you look at it. There is a GORGEOUS dress on eluxury I found a while back but it was $1,195.00. Well, now it is ON SALE for $835.00. Talk about a savings. But it gets better. I actually got a dress that is very similar for $99.00! So depending on how you look at it I saved $736.00.


Leslie said...

LOVE the dress, love the style, love the color, love it all! You must post a picture the first time you wear it!

What color heels? Nude? Gold?

KT said...

I'm thinking nude. I used to have a blog entirely devoted to "What I wanted to wear today" and the Peter Som version was on there. That blog was a knock off of Kasmira's awesome "What I Wore 2 Day" blog and I would pick an outrageously expensive outfit each day and total it up. It was fun seeing how much money I was capable of spending each week!

KT said...

So the dress is going back. The ruched/gathered areas at the shoulder make me look like a linebacker. Bummer, huh?

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