Friday, June 6, 2008

Little Miss Muffet

One thing I really, really dislike are spiders. They freak me out. Today I opened our mailbox (it comes directly into our home) only to find a spider dangling there. In true Katie fashion I just closed the mailbox again. Hopefully tomorrow it will be gone.


Leslie said...

Ugh! I feel the same way--spiders gross and freak me out (especially pregnant ones--ever had that experience of killing one???? Hope you never do). The major problem--I live in an area with new construction so they are quite prevalent. Nasty nasty.

Anonymous said...

oh yuck. i am so sorry. EWE EWE EWE!!!!! i am with ya on hating spiders, only i think i would have run away screaming my head off!hahaha

KT said...

You know, I opened my mailbox the other day only to find that spider there AGAIN. Guess what I did? Walked away from it AGAIN.

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