Monday, June 30, 2008

Scenes from South Florida

Marco Island was outstanding. The beaches are so nice, and there are so many seashells in pristine condition. The water was perfect. I loved it! In order to get to Marco we had to drive through the Everglades. I've never been there but it was a different experience. Pretty isolated and I would not want to have car problems along the way. We saw a sign that said "Panther Crossing" so of course I got my camera out just in case we saw a panther. We didn't, but we did see alligators at a rest area. That was very cool. The bird is one we saw at lunch on the beach one day. That bird was such a scavenger that he picked up a sugar packet from the table and proceeded to eat it! If you look in his claw you will see the sugar packet and the hole he ate in it.


Tessa said...

lucky butt.
i'm so mad you went without me especially since we're not going there for spring break =[

KT said...

Sorry kiddo, but their spring break rates are through the roof. And I think someone needs to save a little college $$$....
(Plus, they are out of rooms already for spring break)

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