Monday, June 30, 2008

Me VS. Michelle Obama

Just joking. But seriously, check out my new necklace. I found this at the Saks 5th Avenue outlet store. It made me think of Michelle Obama's necklace, but with a kick. I love it!

*Add-on's: Look how Michelle Obama is inspiring fashion-

Fun, huh?


Ally said...

Yes! I posted about this last week - she's my new style icon :)

Yours is especially cute too!!

KT said...

Seriously, how stylish is she? The White House Black Market store by our house had her dress from The View in their window last week. So cute! I did see your necklace last week. Love it!

Ally said...

We don't have a WHBM near us but I realllllllly want that dress!

Anonymous said...

Very cute necklace! I am surprise the WHBM store had any of the now famous Michelle Dress left. I have read a few things saying it is selling out online and in stores. She seems like a very classy lady!

KT said...

I know. When my daughter and I saw it in the window we couldn't believe it. I should have tried to see it I could buy it and sell it on ebay! Nordstrom is taking orders for SEPTEMBER delivery!

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