Tuesday, July 1, 2008

What I'm Wearing Today

My blog started as a joke after my friend Jordan told me she made a blog. She is younger than I am and more savvy with technology, but I told her "Oh yeah, I can make a blog too." So I did, thinking she would be about the only person to ever look at my blog. Now, I am hooked on my blog and I get on Jordan's case for not keeping up with hers! Then, I discovered a blog by a girl named Kasmira. I was fascinated by the fact that she posts a picture of what she wears almost every day. Thus began my obsession with other people's blogs. Anyway, Tessa told me my blog would be more interesting if I put a picture of what I am wearing.

1) I'm not so sure about that

2) I am always the picture taker, not the person in the picture

But here goes nothing. I do have to say I was quite pleased with my skirt. It was $14.99 at Ann Taylor Loft.


Ally said...

Yay for an outfit pic!!

Loooove that skirt and how you've worn it - cute!!

Tessa said...

oh yay! i'm so proud of my mother for finally taking my advice :)

Anonymous said...

Super cute outfit. I agree with your daughter - you should post more outfit pics! As for the 4th - that is crazy about the parade and people putting out their chairs so early. This past Sunday my "town" had their big Freedom Festival complete with weekend long craft fair, live music, activities, food and then ended with a parade and fireworks on Sunday evening. We luck out because the back of our place is right along the parade path. While others dragged out their chairs I got to sit on a comfy glider and surf the internet while watching the parade festivities. The earliest I saw chairs go up was 8:30 am for a 4 pm parade. Then again, the parade is pretty lame!

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