Thursday, June 26, 2008

I did it!

We're headed off for a mini-vaca in Marco Island. I told Brian I am not taking a suitcase, I am only taking a tote bag. I'm pretty sure he thought I was nuts and could not pull this off but I DID! Whew! I am so proud of myself.Now keep your fingers crossed that I don't get a sunburn on day one as I usually do.


Ally said...

Yay for vacay!!!

Have you tried Neutrogena's spf 70? It's awesome and I carry it in my purse even. It works REALLY well.

Leslie said...

Im with ya--I always burn the first day too! My fingers are crossed for you.

KT said...

Ally- You and I are too alike! I use Neutrogena 70 and I still burn. Nuts, huh? People look at me funny when I say I burn with 70 SPF.

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