Sunday, April 27, 2008


We just got back from Phoenix and it was SO NICE! The weather was awesome and it is so nice there. The resort we stayed at had awesome pools and a lazy river. Very nice! I got a major sunburn on day 2 of the trip. I even used SPF 70! Aargh! We went to see the new Harold and Kumar movie. Very funny! Brian has a buddy name Rich from high school and college who lives in Arizona. We got to have dinner with him and Brian got to golf with Rich one day also. Rich, like Brian went to Ohio State and they were room-mates for a period of time. While at OSU Rich was in the marching band and was lucky enough to dot the "i" in Script Ohio! How cool is that? I also got to have In-N-Out Burger for lunch one day. Thank God we don't have those here in Ohio because I would eat one every day! Thank you Brian for an awesome trip. Phoenix is great!


Anonymous said...

YAY! i am so glad you had so much fun, where are the pics of you? i guess you were the on etaking them huh! i am still her in phoenix, and i am going to go to the lazy river today!! yay! how exciting is that! i should of had you put something there for me to find!

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