Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Frog legs for dinner?

I'm sad to report that our frog eggs did not make it. We had to get rid of them as it appeared that they were not going to hatch. So yesterday I put the frogs back in their normal bowl and gave them a special treat (bloodworms) since I felt bad for them. They were hanging out at the top of the bowl and I was kind of nervous about that. Before bed last night I showed it to Brian and asked if he thought they were OK. Sure, no worries. This morning I woke up and sure enough, we are missing a frog. Brian asked me where it was. Unfortunately the frog did not leave me a note or change of address. I can not find that thing. Crap. I am worried it will wake us up tonight as it hops on one of our faces or something. The reality is that the frog is dead by now and we will find it somewhere eventually. Bummer.


Gretchen said...

Those would be delish cooked up on the kamado!! Just kidding. Sorry about your frog that is sad. I was laughing really hard when you were saying it didn't leave a change of address. You are too funny. I go to your blog because I know it will make me laugh.

KT said...

OK Gretch, I have to admit I keep coming home thinking the frog will be back in it's bowl waiting for me. I miss that little guy!

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