Tuesday, April 8, 2008

More underwater adventures

In case you are so intrigued by our frog drama here is an update:
We can't find the frog anywhere! I don't know why, but I drove home half convinced the frog would realize we were the best thing it had going and be back in the bowl when I got here. No such luck. Brian and I have looked and looked. I even looked under the other frog, as they have had a thing for being on top of each other A LOT lately. I even checked the toilet and Brooks water bowl thinking maybe somehow the frog would be drawn to a water source. (Again, it made sense at the time...) Brian said he thinks the great frog escape is how Elliot Spitzer felt at the time he was making some not so great choices. I'm wondering if the frog misses the other frog and Brian is thinking of Elliot Spitzer?


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