Thursday, April 3, 2008

I heart Ellen

When I was on maternity leave with Caroline I got hooked on Ellen. Caroline had colic so maternity leave was not fun, but I would put her in her little seat each day to watch Ellen with me. Since I'm at work each day I don't get to see the show but today I had an appointment outside of the office and got home early enough to watch Ellen. I love her! I am going to go see her one day. I have a picture of Caroline watching Ellen. I'm going to find it and post it. (I took it because Ellen had a contest once where you sent in pictures of you watching her but Caroline did not qualify because she was under 18.) (OK, I entered another Ellen contest where you could invite her to do something with you and I invited her to an Ohio State football game and day of tailgating but I didn't win that contest either.)


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