Thursday, April 10, 2008

My purse

It is a known fact that my purse is not good news. I carry around so much junk, and sometimes I stick the overflow in plastic bags from the grocery and carry those around. Or sometimes I just carry 2 purses. Last night my friend Sheri made a comment about having to organize her purse. I laughed because I won a prize at a party once for having so much stuff in my purse. And strange "why are you carrying this around with you" type stuff. So I decided to take a picture of my purse and it's contents for fun. (I've seen other people do this and for some reason I find it interesting. Some of the highlights of my purse are:

Category 1: Things that have no reason to be there. These items originated at my house and could easily be left there. How they got in my purse I have no idea!

1) Free shampoo sample- I don't know where I think I am going to wash my hair mid-day.
2) Recipe for Mexican Chicken Fettucini (Thank you Traci) Again- where do I think I am going to whip this recipe up mid-day?
3) Pumice Stone- Possibly a pedicure while driving my car? This started out in my shower. Why is it in my purse?
4) Caroline's toothpaste- Again, why?

Category 2: Things I need to get done. I have found that if I keep it in my purse sooner or later I actually get around to it.
1) Cologne to ship back. I bought two.
2) Paperwork for a belt to ship back. Might help if I actually brought the belt along too.
3) Baby shower invitation to RSVP for
4) College brochures for Tessa- These coincide with item #3 as we have college visits scheduled on the same day of the baby shower and I need to look into re-scheduling
5) A Thank You note I NEED to send. (Sorry Sophie and Stella)
6) A Thank You note I sent and forgot to put the street address on. The post office was kind enough to return it to me. (Sorry Gwynnie)
7) My new cell phone I need to activate

Catergory 3: Makes sense to me/Just for fun
1) Gym membership card for Caroline. I lost mine so I use hers.
2) Hairspray with receipt taped to it. I've had 2 cans go bad on me and they said I could return this one with my receipt if I had a problem with it. I had them tape the receipt to the can so I could not lose it
3) Target gift card for winning Bunco!
4) $10 I did not know I had!
5) Catalog with clothes I want to look at online while I am at work.
So there you have it.


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