Sunday, May 4, 2008

Big Brown VS Big Red

We're home from the Derby, and it was a blast. We saw so many fun hats, and some even better t-shirts. At the hotel there was a couple that had so many suitcases and they were only staying for the weekend. I asked what was in all of the suitcases and the guy told me that each of his wifes hats had their own suitcase. The hats are a VERY big deal. I won a grand total of $13.00. Where I really hit the jackpot was with my very bad sunburn. It really helped that I was still peeling from Arizona and then I went and stood outside in the sun for about 8 hours at the races. Complete strangers kept walking up to me telling me about my sunburn. Gee, thanks. On top of the hats and t-shirts one of the best parts was walking into the track. To get in you have to walk through a tunnel that runs underneath the track. It is a lot like when you walk through the tunnel by St. John's arena to get to an Ohio State game. People were coming into the Derby yelling "OH-IO." There were tons of Ohio State fans and that was pretty fun. We met some girls at the hotel who work about a mile from our house. Also, on our way to Louisville I was talking about how I took Tessa to the Waffle House on our way home from Xavier and how awesome it was. Then as we pulled up to our hotel there was a Waffle House! That Waffle House was awesome for a middle of the night hash brown run! So Big Brown may have won the race but my major sunburn has earned me the nickname Big Red. Also, the Goo Goo Dolls were there doing a free outdoor concert the night before the race and we got to see that. (Oh yeah, it just so happened that the Easter Bunny costume was in the trunk of my car so we did a little trip around the hotel in it.)


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