Sunday, November 23, 2008

Utah rocks!

So, we're back from Salt Lake City and I can say I would live there. I love that place! It is so clean and easy to get around and there is so much to do! We took the train from one side of the city to the other and their public transportation system is AWESOME! We spent a day in Park City, which is AWESOME as well and I can not wait to go back. In a stroke of good (and fun) luck we wound up staying at the same hotel as BYU's football team. (Unfortunately they didn't win) The players were so nice (and big!) and hi-fived Caroline on the elevator. At the airport we continued the sports-team theme and ran into the ladies basketball team from Montana and then the Iowa wrestling team. Also, expect a post about MY new favorite sport Geocaching. This one is courtesy of Jordan's father in law Dennis and I can see myself getting hooked on it. I had never heard of this but it is fun! So, the trip was so fun, and many thanks go out to the Jensen family for being the best hosts ever, Trinette for being a great room-mate and pal to Caroline on her first all-girl getaway and to the amazingly kind staff at OC Tanner. There are not many high-end stores where you can feel comfortable with small children but they could not have been better to us! Unless they had just handed over the $12,000 pair of earrings they were kind enough to show me. Now THAT would have been GREAT customer service... So Brian- when can I purchase my next plane ticket because I really, really can't wait to go back!
*And thanks to Jordan for stopping a lady on the street in Park City to ask about her jeans. They turned out to be a brand called Sang Real. We found the store where the lady purchased them and Jordan and Trinette bought some. If you can locate someone carrying them near you let me say, they are some flattering jeans! Lots of cute styles and decent prices! (FYI-Brian, I didn't buy any.)


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