Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Chanels Haute New Color

I swear, this new color is harder to get your hands on than me after Brian has ticked me off! I have called EVERY Chanel counter in town, and I even checked when I was out of town. No one has this color in stock and they have all been non-committal about when they will have it. And I am too stubborn to pay shipping so I am at a stand-still with Chanel on this one. (I think only one of us is aware of my frustration, and it isn't Chanel!) If you get a chance check out Chanel's Haute Chocolate. Fun name, fun color. I did get to try the shade at the Chanel counter, they just didn't have any to sell.


Ally said...

Call the ones in Louisville and if they have it, I'll pick it up and mail it to you.

I've been reading on Makeup Alley that there are a few dupes out there by OPI and Sally Hansen.

Hillary said...

I love this color too!

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