Friday, November 7, 2008

Unfortunately, this is a true story...

As mentioned a few times in the past, I'm not really that great in the kitchen. My friend Traci has saved my skin on many occasions when I have random "How do I?" or "How long?" or "Exactly how long after an expiration date do I have?" questions. Unfortunately, Traci is out of town, and I have decided to try a new recipe. Now, the recipe calls for a dash of coriander. Huh? I honestly thought they meant a colander. I mean come on. TGFTI (Thank God for the Internet, right?) Do people REALLY know what all of these herbs ARE?


Ally said...

Hi, my name is Allison, and I know what all that stuff is for. Put me on speed dial, beyotch. I'll tell you how to cook and how to get where you're going in case your GPS dies :)

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