Sunday, November 2, 2008

Weekend Wrap Up

1) Chelsea Handler was fun. And funny.
2) West Virginia surprised me. It is very pretty in the fall. Nothing happens there quickly. Man, I can not even tell you how S-L-O-W people are there. And I don't mean dim-witted. I mean not in a hurry. AT ALL. They are even slow walkers.
3) Poor Athanasia. We both learned something new about me this weekend. I am a cuddler. For all of the trips we have been on together I don't think we have ever shared a bed. Until now. And quite possibly never again. Poor Athanasia woke up basically shoved next to the wall with me spooning up against her. Ooops. (Sorry Ath!)
4) I got the mother-lode speeding ticket. The only thing that happened quickly this weekend was how fast the cop was able to turn his car around to come get me for doing 78 (ish) in a 55. Kathy advised me to cry. I was just honest. I'm not sure if they teach you this in cop school, but when you ask me "Do you know why I pulled you over?" as I sped past your sorry backwater butt which of the following answers are you looking for:
Gee sir, no. Will you please tell me?

Because I have three hot girls in my car and you were hoping for the best?

You have a weakness for Volvo S40's and you've always wanted to see one up close?

I was speeding?

So, I went with the honest answer. Yes, I was speeding. Now, can I please have my ticket so I can get back on my merry little way with your irritating roads where the posted speed limit is 55? Anyway, it is a VERY GOOD THING that guy was not around when I wanted to take pics of Athanasia and Kathy on the bridge crossing back over the border so we just completely stopped the car, got out and took pics. Anyway, we had a really fun time. If you get the chance to see Chelsea Handler in concert you should. She is just so funny!


Karen said...

THis is horrible, I don't even know who Chelsea handler is, but your I got pulled over story is so darn hilarious! Glad you had fun. I would love to see how slow West Virginia is sometime...

Hillary said...

Sounds like you ladies had an awesome trip (minus the ticket, but it was a good story)!

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