Saturday, November 29, 2008

Family Vacation

Well, right now I'm feeling a little bit like Chevy Chase in Family Vacation. You know, where he has absolutely the best intentions for his family vacation and nothing goes according to plan? So we plan this trip to Disney for months. Pretty exciting, a trip to Disney, right? Here's the breakdown so far:
Five plane tickets (We brought my mother in law, who is really an awesome travel companion)
Four nights in a hotel
One rented mini-van (Does not hold a candle to the much-loved Kia rental)
Tickets to Sea World (A hit)
Tickets to Disney
$150 off the tickets to Disney for listening to a time-share presentation
Here's where the fun begins:
Caroline HATED Disney. HATED IT. She liked the free tram ride in. And she looked really cute in her princess dress I had dry-cleaned and hiked from Ohio to Florida. Unfortunately the first thing we saw at Disney was a little play that featured a "bad person" I really can't even tell you for sure but it may have been Cruella De Vil. That was the end of our happy day at Disney. And that was really within the first half hour. So from there on out she refused to go see Minnie Mouse, Mickey Mouse, any princesses or anyone or anything associated with Disney. She wanted to just go back to the hotel. Awesome. She did manage to pick out a $13 toy from the gift shop. Lesson learned: In the future just go to the Disney store at the mall within 10 minutes of our house. Picking out the toy was hard though because every toy was associated with the fact that each princess knows a "bad guy." Case in point per Caroline- Belle knows the Beast. She considers him to be scary. Peter Pan knows pirates. They are scary. Cinderella gifts, no thanks. She has a wicked stepmother. (Not intended to offend any stepmothers)
So, we won't be headed back for another day at Disney. Caroline has deemed Sea World as an acceptable destination though. Whew!
Oh, and when checking voice mail I had a message from my bank. I left my bank card in the machine at home. So much for the temptation of the Fendi, Dior and Barney's New York outlets here...


Trinette Hayslip said...

What a bummer! She just had so much fun in Utah, Disney could not compare ;) Hope your flight back was good. Talk to you soon.

kass said...

Oh no! I hope the rest of the trip goes a bit better. :) Amazing deal for the Disney tickets, was the timeshare presentation?

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