Sunday, January 27, 2008

Clifford the Big Red Dog is a FAKE! (According to Caroline)

Used Clifford as a bribe to get Caroline into bed early Friday night. Gotta be up in time for Clifford. Need to have time to take a bath before Clifford. So we're pretty excited about this deal. Go, read a few stories, a fair amount of kids turn out. Clifford arrives. Caroline announces that it is just a costume. Not a real dog. There's a person under there acting like a dog. But she was still pretty excited. I'm sure she will be a big hit around Santa and the Easter Bunny this year. Then she wanted to wait at the bottom of the escalator for Clifford to come back down just to prove it was just a costume. She really just sat down on the floor at Barnes and Noble and waited. (We wound up leaving) Then, she informed us that while Clifford may just be a person in a costume, Brutus Buckeye is real. THAT'S MY GIRL!


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