Monday, January 7, 2008

Go Bucks!

Tonight we had Katerina, Maria and Gywnn come over to have an impromptu dance party. We decided to play some OSU songs and have some fun. Maria who is only 2 is quite good at
O-H-I-O. I was pretty impressed. Caroline was not impressed. She was really, really worried that Brutus Buckeye was going to come over again and as you may know, she does not like it when Brutus comes over. I let her know that it is not possible for Brutus to come over, because he is at the game in New Orleans with Brian. Anyway, it has become a big thing at bedtime to come up with any and all reasons to stay awake and talk about things, life, whatever. So tonight I got called into Caroline's room so she could let me know that she is not scared of Brutus anymore. I was pretty interested in the change of heart so I asked her what changed her mind. She told me "Well, he's a nice guy." So there you go. Also, she wants me to call him tomorrow to tell him.


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