Wednesday, January 30, 2008

So, Jordan sent me an email where I'm supposed to blog 7 things about myself people don't know and then I'm supposed to forward the email to 7 other people to blog. Here goes:
1) I don't know 7 people with blogs 2) People always think I'm taller than what I am 3) I can't stand the smell of raw silk, it freaks me out 4) I prefer to drive versus be the passenger in a car, unless it is Brian and then I like him to drive so he can't complain about my driving 5) I love being a mom, it gives me the perfect excuse to really enjoy watching the Backyardigans or Justin Timberlake and Nick Lachey 6) I have a lot of fun making anything a big event and coming up with anything to celebrate 7) I'm dreading giving up Pepsi this year for Lent.


Jordan and Jeremy said...

I knew two of those things! hahaha i laugh. you are a big celebrator~and i love that!!thanks for partaking! it was fun!

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