Monday, February 1, 2010

A higher power...

For a long time I have struggled with my thoughts on religion. I think about it a lot, read about it a fair amount but can't quite seem to wrap my hands around it. I've been to many churches and spoken to many friends about this subject but I'm just not "feeling" it. Well, this kind of bit me in the butt recently. I attended a support/self help group but didn't quite feel "tuned in" as there was a lot of talk about higher powers. And as I am struggling with that I found myself wondering if all of these people had found theirs. Or were they too muddling through for the sake of the purpose at hand? I have to admit that I didn't return for week two, as the whole "higher power" thing threw me for a loop. Am I supposed to come to terms with that first? But then, greatness struck in the form of my own Igor Jr. Who is Igor you ask? A borrowed term from my most respected blogger, La Belette Rouge. Visit her blog and all will be clear. Just don't become so enthralled with her story that you never come back to mine!
Anyway, Igor Jr. told me that my higher power can be anyone I want for it to be. My children. At that point, all was clear to me. And I felt much better. Maybe I will give self help a second try after all.


WendyB said...

I think that's a good strategy. Or your higher power can be your vision of what it is to be a good person. How you'd like to be remembered, maybe.

I'd go on about my opinion of organized religion but people get upset, so....some day in person?

Anonymous said...

KT, faith isn't "feeling it." It's just doing it. Don't lose sight in Jesus. Being Catholic was hard growing up, you'll agree. But now we are grownups and know he's our only hope. We don't need any other doctrines other than what He gave us. People let us down, Christ won't. Find a good Bible based church if you can.

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